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Beer. Guy's radio show. We are broadcasting from the bear guys radio studios in marietta georgia and this week. We're talking to up country brewing. I'm tom dennison with me as always is my good friend. Co host brian hewitt. Hey tim joining us today. We have john cochran the owner of upcountry brewing company. We're gonna talk about john's extensive history and craft beer glorious history and cry one of those words world man. It's fine the old old man the old man of a beer and we're going to get into their recent releases and we'll probably talk about gauzes that are made with dough pickles. Tim you're kind of excited about the. I am ask sean. Thanks for joining us. Absolutely appreciate you guys. Having me sure enough yet. We saw that dill pickle. Goes that come in actually. We saw it online before and brian. Got a little excited so when we see we had that one it was a it was a good defender pickles. Yeah we're beers and beer right so yeah definitely. We are really excited for that one too. We did it as a one off. A couple of times in the response was absolutely amazing so it is going fulltime year round starting in march. See that our a full time year. Round dill pickle goes. That's pretty crazy. We had one was at southbound. I think it was so so. The only guides john right eye. So that one. I think it may have been called that. I think it was pickled. Did they have that was time with rick. Mobile was going eight kind of weird. And i know yeah one. That was kind of high profile Martin house out of texas did run with made right pickles a little pickle collaboration so yeah there's a few of them going around absolutely quite the pickle list so big week brian. We have a new president of these united states of america. That's right. I've been so busy. I i didn't actually realize until after it happened like we have a new president at right. Yeah and yet fairly uneventful which is a good. Yeah yes oh yeah. Absolutely based on the rumors. I heard a very good thing. All quiet. There and asheville inauguration. Week john as far as i've seen yes. Yeah so so yeah big day you know no matter your political opinions of big day in history. He didn't president coming in and I think we're going to hope for the absolute best here coming up there so we can do with it but things don't go. There's always beer brian. And did you have anything Great this week you know. I didn't i didn't get out and do too awful much. Yeah i really didn't. But i got into my cellar. So that's the most. The highlight of the week was getting the seller. Having a bell saturn the bringer of old age from the planet series of believe that's a barley wine or old male. Now don't recall. I think it was a barley wine. Actually okay we'll still even with all the age on. It's a smoke to find cigar with an elbow. Thanh enjoyed the heck out of that. That was delightful. That's an og cigar. There it is. Yeah yeah it's a recently purchased but it's one that's been around for a while. I had a terrapin dose coco's chocolate thousand thirteen ish okay. S vintage there and Is this going back a bit on pulling from a little bit from the previous week. But i wanted to mention it. The put shala the the p. May px the sherry barrel aged thirteen point. Nine percent. i since i drank it. I want to brag about does very enjoyed that so the seller get hit pretty good. I didn't do a lot a lot of what about what about you test. So i had something kind of cool last week. I got to set down in a virtual tasting With blake tires. Who is the. I think his title is would and in and barrel aging manager or wouldn beer would and seller manager from go with that. Yeah looking at me for combination going to say yes but they did virtual taste of a new stout they released they did Life influx what is called the head three variants. The the base was a whiskey. Barrel agent found out that a until recently us willett barrels Exclusively there was so they had the base beer and then they had to coffee and vanilla version in a cocoa coconut cacao coconut person and we got to go through those and kind of hear the process. And that's fun. You know because we were just talking weekend brian. It's kind of a bomber that we don't have beer events. Yes seriously distinct so it was nice even if it was virtual over zoom. It was cold. Do that tasting and i actually i could not drink all of those So i kept him up. And i brought him in tonight to share. You know i'm trick. Day-old stats offside isn't it. You know i was gonna ask you john. Have you ever saved a beer for later. Do you think that's acceptable to do. It depends on the beer but absolutely later. Do you know what the one that we've done. We recently did it with black tuesday which was like a twenty point. Two percent style. Yeah and almost no carbon leslie to start off with thank. That one sat for week and of course we flame the top and then we put the cap on and then put aluminum foil over that. I honestly did not taste a lot of difference a week later and these are right at. They are thirteen point. Nine six percent who am blake said. Not georgia wink wink. Thirteen point nine but legitimately thirteen fault just absolutely nailed it right and so i think i think we should be. I think we should be safe there. So those sound like ones that should keep for a couple of days right. Johnny should be fine. Yes yeah yeah so in. Brian checked out a new brewery brewery slash brew pub here in the atlanta area iron hill. Which is a corporate brewery but actually pretty good ratings. You know a lot of these breweries. Don't get high marks for their beer. They'll be three to five or whatever if you're looking at something like on tap but they do fairly well and i enjoyed the beers there. They had a nice a nice pills. Her on the lighter was relight lager and then they had the red vienna larger that the call that was pretty good and actually had that not my style but that classic dipa that they had kind of. oh yes. He uber hipster. I've been there. And i am a fan of the. That's what i typically drink when i go. But they disappointed me with the food. Brian that gave me a poor crab cake and try to pass off tartar. Sauces remillod just ought it was odd. Would you not agree. Yeah i i actually was there. I sampled it's Yeah it's that was. Weird was not ideal. But i liked the beer john. I have a question for you. Were into one of your beers right now. We just got into your black is beautiful. And i know anybody that just heard me say that is thanking stout but you win a little different here you said you actually approached him about doing something different. So tell us about. Your black is beautiful. Yeah everyone was doing stout for this. So we actually reached out to the brewery and ask them about doing a short spear which is black lager so we kept with the theme and obviously did the fundraising portion of it. But it's just. This is the beer. That when i'm at the brewery is right now i'm loving. This is just an easy drinking. little bit rustiness darkness. And it's a it's a great easy drinking beer. think see. that's what i was saying. And i didn't think about it schwarzer like you said. It's it's a lighter you got that rose to it because out of the beers we've got we asked you which one to start with and you'd never think a dark hair would be the dark bearded. Yes yeah it roast. Without all the haft alike that it's yeah to me. This is the coffee of the beer world in.

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