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23 you get some problems on the roadways Already this morning's traffic and weather together first Laurie Grandee and look at the Subaru retailers of New England. All wheel drive traffic on the threes. What's going on? Oh, we are having a tough time right now coming out of New Hampshire, 93 south and actually an end over right now, three cars involved in a crash by Daskal Road and Traffic is jammed from River Road and there's also a crash in the back up there on the right hand side, So the right hand lane is blocked off 93 south on the 1 33, and then the left hand lane is blocked up. At Baskin Road. So you can I get a slalom there? Be careful. I'm just saying, North Bound Express Way. Watch out for crash now left him. Lane is blocked off right by seven. He'll let me have the Dorchester Yacht Club. It is heavy Anyhoo from granted Avenue get have to Southampton Street are let's get a check now of the downtown area with Krista Neck and the WBC news radio traffic copter. It's not fun here, Laurie in the leverage down Rapids heavy and slow, just about all the way down the story, Dr. Once you're finally on Storrow Drive West that gets sorted out pretty quickly heading out through the Kenmore exit. Lower deck of 93. Not bad At this point, The Tobin Bridge is okay and over in East Boston things they're quiet for the time being with the airport tunnels Christina could the WBC news radio traffic copter? All right. Thanks, Kristen route to East down. The off ramp is still closed off there in Lexington. It's several to eastbound at exit 56, which is Winter Street eastbound, so watch out as they clear crash on that rap. The rap is closed. Laurie granted WBC's traffic on the three looks like we're finally going.

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