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Over in her in their homes they were fans because you just heard that voice and there was nothing. Like it and she wasn't just our. Country she, was internationally known and this legend you know luckily for we who, appreciate and are grateful for these amazing talents Show always be with us really in this is her legacy she's she's a legend and so what a. Loss of a piece of Americana but it's not really lost we have the videos we have the songs and so. We can continue to enjoy but I. Just want, to personally think that amazing lady she was big in our house It was my father was Aretha Franklin and Diana Ross. My mother was singular. Tom Jones and we would all sit on the couch, and that there was a. Music show whether there, was this big thing and it was understood no talking and. I would get my parents are talking to kids so. My mother Tom Jones no talking She was. Absorbing every little, cell of, Tom Jones And then my dad was to be the same It was kinda rare all Diana Ross on it was. A lot of. Times specials and things like that and music shows. It's not like she was on all the time so it was a really big deal when. She would come, on and, always into this day but Aretha Franklin Diana Ross they. Had this biracial impact that that stayed with. You, and I remember it, vividly, as a kid anyway let's continue on a hey by the way we'd, love to talk to you the phone number here the garden. Rebel show on the great, news, ninety six point. Five, WDBO, is. Eight four four two, zero zero nine. Six five my website is garden rebel dot. Com I recently posted some new photos. On Instagram my Instagram name is thought garden rebel you. Have to use the word, the one word together so you. Go to Instagram you go to, the searching area you put it in the garden rebel and. Hundreds and hundreds of our landscapes will will appear And you can see former landscapes one of. My favorite I is a colonial that I. Did, many your fifteen years, ago, and I have some videos up of that you could find that it. Looks if there was a TV commercial it was a political. TV commercial where the the, house, was used as. The, southern, White. House it was a, comedic tight commercial. And in the house they landscaped was was. In it and into this day these. Great people that live there on this hill and this. Giant colonial keep it up, just as beautiful as they always. Did it's it's a it's a, star home so that's on Instagram it's on Facebook of course There's jungle scenes. There's parts of my. Backyard and sunken, garden there's Low maintenance landscapes. That are very simple and then, there's, others that are. Very fancy so I think you'll enjoy it Instagram the garden. Rebel let's talk. To John in winter garden about a drip. System Hi there Good. Morning Mr.. Rebel. Back, yes Says the man I had a maple tree behind my house five, years ago when we bought it it was too close and it grew son of a, slab and believe it or not or even spotted running routes up between the stucco and the flame of a house in sugar saying. And what, kind of treatment me I'm sorry? What kind. Of. Tree was. This. Naple maple. Okay All right I'm assuming the roots were looking for water? Live, in. West orange, a lot of sugar saying and I'm. Planning on putting the new Dacian about. Fifteen feet out from all the way around. I wanna know will help prevent little words go on all over the yard trying, to find water in the sugar saying if I do it on a regular basis will, that root system not go out thirty feet like it did before no no the the the Jack is out of the box the. Cat is, out of the bag it's too? Late. For. That And so. The answer is absolutely not This is on the. New one that I'm going to move Yard, well let's put it this way then the answer is yes the the number one thing, that, I do when I I'm. Doing a. Job right now we we, divided into two phases we. Did we did it. Last Wednesday and I'm going next Tuesday I'm finishing the trees we did all these magnificent. Trees on the left and, the, right side of the house and I used the. Very very very rare Tipo. Tipo which is a show tree I use bottle brush on I used. This particular species bottle brush that's, different, than, all the neighbors I use pink. Taboo in yellow, Tableau Boulia's, and I used. Weeping Poder carpets in. Other words I've got I've got texture you should see this it's going to be a, show place, when it. Grows and they're only thirty gallon pots, but they're they're beautiful now the the left side we did, but but here's the thing we our estimates we put on they're required to have a drip system because what we What we what we find is that there's a, perception, out there with a lot. Of folks. Where they can water it for the first few weeks. And that that's it's. Established in and that's good enough no it's not good enough you take a young tree. And you wanna put a, drip, line on it because you can't remember you you. Don't want to go out. There ninety six degrees and be standing in the heat watering your plant. And then you have to be, consistent, but, but however the drip line where. You when you, have what, is the nomenclature. Is a bubbler you. Put a bubbler on each tree or another choice is a spray head I tend to, prefer bubbler, than spray. Heads spray heads will hit the trunk, and then you could get something called foot rot on a, truck and this is what most landscapers us they use The spray heads I think, it's a huge mistake. Because not right away but. Down the road, for their for their own customer that they love so much you just paid, them they're going to get a foot right on that tree but if you use a bubbler the bubbler eases out slowly and it it kind of a deep root waters the plant in so. Yes, I'm I'm all for. That what it ensures is good even strong growth and you're on the right track because when it's young. Encourages that the routes to go down. More in that sort of thing and so I, think that you're, on you're on the right track in. Other words they, don't have to go and seek the roots will have to go and seek and. Look for water and go onto discovery mission because they're sitting there and they're. Saying look I got all this regular water. Twice a week and I'm being, flooded I'm gonna stay right here I love it but the route. Becomes a strong route and it goes. Deeper and When you, you build your house. On a on a rock. And foundation you, build your foundation with a with a tree with deep root watering So yes you're very much. You answered my question okay you take your John great hearing from, you Okay bye bye Our. Next caller here it looks like we have. A mulch question I like. Talking about mulch I my. Coffee table parties we talk. About multiple. Time, welcome Rick Hey thank you for taking my call I have a wonderful garden in the backyard and I. Was. Thinking of putting out corneal.

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