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My guess james franco has written and directed a new movie called the disaster artist that's about the making of the two thousand three film the room the room as a movie that's been called the citizen kane of bad movies the disaster artis is based in part on a book of the same name about the making of the room the co author tom vissel describes the room as a movie made by an alien who has never seen a movie but his head movies thoroughly explain to him the room has developed a cult following through midnight screenings around the country people laugh at how ineptly made it is and how strange the leading man's performances that actor tommy wiso also wrote directed produced and financed the room james franco plays wiso and befriended him during the making of the disaster artist but wiso remains a mystery man with an unplayable accent which he says was from new orleans that is clearly not earlier this year james franco's start in season one of the hbo series the deuce playing two roles identical twins we'll talk about that later let's start with the scene from the two thousand three film the room tommy wise plays johnny whose girlfriend lisa has been cheating on him with his best friend in the scene johnny is upset and deeply wounded because lisa has accused him of hitting her he's walking through the door to the roof of his building where he meets his friend mark did not hurt her it's not true it's both did not hear of her up.

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