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The traffic center A little bit of rain falling around the region now so we're getting once again with the rush hour is over around the beltway No incidents or delays to report in Maryland or in Virginia In Virginia Georgetown pike west of wall corrode still working on the down pole and traffic on 66s running without delay between the Roosevelt bridge and haymarket and points west Things are running freely up and down both three 95 and 95 of the district on two 95 and along 6 95 and three 95 you're good to go And in Maryland 95 in the Baltimore Washington Parkway each without delay between the beltways you're free and clear on 50 out to the bay bridge And on two 70 all earlier incidents have cleared and traffic continues to run well between the beltway and interstate 70 Well it's window nation spring break sale get two free Windows for every two you buy for as many as you need and make no payments for two years call 8 6 6 9 nation Bob Miller WTO traffic Storm team four is Amelia Draper A rainy Tuesday night with lows tonight in the mid 40s to low 50s Some pockets of moderate to heavy rain are possible in spots tonight with showers ending early tomorrow morning So mostly cloudy skies for the most part on your Wednesday maybe some sunshine out there later in the day with temperatures only in the 50s to low to mid 60s our average time now about 64° We'll be close to that tomorrow but then we stay chilly Thursday Friday and over the weekend with more showers in the forecast for Thursday and Friday I'm storm team four meteorologist stimulator Draper and looking at storm team four radar there is plenty of rain around the region right now We have some to the south and east more to the north of in Montgomery county as well as to the west in Virginia parts of Virginia like culpepper the manassas area We're keeping an eye on it for you tonight Our temperatures now 51 and Gaithersburg 54 in Arlington 53 in lanham going down to a low around 45 tonight It is 7 40 in Oklahoma is poised to outlaw nearly all abortions in the state with little discussion or debate.

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