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Time of the year. It's like Christmas part to see NHL playoffs pre Christmas on what better way? Gonna talk about the NHL playoffs, But someone who was a three time Stanley Cup winner as a player has spent 30 years in and on TV and broadcasting, lightning color and his Brian England welcome The micro radio Show one of 2.5 the bone. How we doing, guys? How are we doing? How are you doing? I'm doing great. I'm looking forward to this serious, terrific. All of them are going to be, um after a sleep in, that's just knocked the heck out of everybody in the entire world. I'm just glad that we're getting down to games that have so much emotion and we're getting fans back in its seats. That's terrific, Yes, fantastic. The lightning or going up to? I think I capacity of about 7000, which is still, uh 13,000 less than I'd like to see it haven't been there for some of those games, but it's better than the zero fans that were in the bubble last year. Esso. It's we're here back to defend it two in a row, and it starts off down at sunrise tomorrow of all places place not traditionally known for hosting playoff hockey. Yeah, I think you know, fans here in Florida. The die hard fans have been looking forward to this for a really long time. I know we have both organizations have. I think it's great for the state is great for all the fans, and I think it'll bring us some new fans or borderline fans and commit them on and see how much energy and fun there is. I think that it'll add a lot to future seasons here in Florida, and that's why I hope like you guys that we get back up to at least close to capacity. You know as things move on in the playoffs, and you get down the later rounds. Having having seen a lighting this year and dealing with some of the adversity. You know. Last year we were spoiled in Washington team do so well in the postseason, win the cup, I'll be it. We couldn't be there. But you know, we were virtually high fiving everybody, you know whether it be on social media. Whatever parties people snuck their way into So with having a game here in Tampa, what I think is what Thursday night. I think we're playing at home the first home game every other day Sunday. It was every other day, So I mean, it's great opportunity for that. And hopefully no. Hey, you know, I think if you start off on the road, you look for a split, and I mean that would be great to win both. If you get a split down there, I think you know that could put you a little bit more in the driver's seat. It was good to see coach on the ice and Stamkos, What are you hearing in that regard with those guys coming back? Well, they look like they're fine to go. Pooch is actually under the five month mark when he had the surgery, and it's been done several times mean, um Johnny, Gord and breaking point on the Lightning alone have had hip surgeries s O. They know, and they usually doctors usually say the recoveries five months he had at the end of December, so he's actually just under the the end of May. At five months to be complete. He has looked great. He's been skating for a while, you know, ramping it up. No contact all that stuff lately. He's been in the full drills. It's great. I don't have any qualms about worrying about coach and all these guys are fantastic out and could coach Ross not your average guy would not shock me. That coach gets two or three points in the first game and for stammer. He's been out longer. That one kind of surprised me. I don't know what his issue is. It's lower body. Hopefully he stays for his sake and for the teams, But last year having played only, you know a couple of shifts and scoring that big gold eat. This is the time of year he waits for, so I really hope he's fine. Everybody has said, and it looks like he's ready to go. I watch him in practice. There's no limping. There's no sign of anything. I'm convinced that both of them are in what is speaking about the Florida Panthers. Now, the You know, they don't get a lot of TV time from the national network. So you don't see him a lot on SportsCenter or on hockey, you know, on NHL network, tell us about the Panthers and what they have to know this. I know they're a young and exciting team as much as I want to hate them. You gotta appreciate the effort that that organization Has put into rebranding it and rebuilding it. Yes, that's very true. Bill Zito just took over at the beginning of this season became from Columbus. He was assistant G. M. He's not a hell of a job. They are a very good team Joke. Anvil second year there behind the bench, three time Stanley Cup winner as assistant coach and twice as a as a head coach. So he is in experience. Guy may are built almost exactly the same upfront as the lightning are in my eyes. They maybe don't have that one extra real star player. But Barkov and Huberdeau are both just outstanding players. So if you if you match that off against point and Kucera's, then you say while we still have Stamkos, so that's what I mean. You still have one that one extra start. But what they did was they were similar and how the lightning developed they went into last year and with a lot of skill, even the year before, but not enough grit and not salted enough on defense. So they added, some gritty guys starting at the beginning of the year. Radko Buddhist on defense who could be running more familiar with him? Yeah, and write down the Sam Bennett out of the trade deadline from Calgary. He was a piece that I had on my short list when the Lightning last year picked up good growing Coleman, same kind of player and you see what those two did for the Lightning. Sam Bennett's been a hell of a condition for for Florida. They've got skill they can grind. They've got size, They can score on three lines, probably very much like the lightning. This is a tremendous matchup, but Broschi and Draeger are both solid goaltenders. But brass keys out to prove. Last year was an anomaly where he did not play well at all. And so he's got a history and he did beat the Lightning two years ago, you know, playing wrinkles. Yeah. So I mean, I'm in watching the Panthers and paying attention them over over the years. You know, Huberdeau, I think was a great pig Barkov like you mentioned, you know, I really like in which is about Bennett. He's a banker goes out there. He gets in the corners. He's just neon nasty out there. I do think it's going to be harder than expected. Serious. I know. I think it's fans. Sometimes. If you don't know the inner lines, you go like this should be easy, but it's not gonna be an easy ride for the bolts. No, not at all match ups. They're gonna matter. I think you're going to see a lot of tinkering. Old course of the Syrians by both coaches, and both are really good at it. Quinn Vel is a master at it. He's one cops. As I said, the second winningest coach of all time behind Scotty Bowman. And Cooper's one at every level that he's ever coached at..

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