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Of hours while we were you know Developing story of pd dies of a he died of pancreatitis. Twenty or two thousand nineteen. Right murray so i actually. It was before production So that year alone. We lost to two days and it was just weird going Going into production with all that grief and all that sadness but like kenney said like watching mama kula and friends in union sort of deal with their grief was very helpful will have plenty of personally onto the writer i got i got fired from a kids cartoon once which is pretty pretty impressive But i think my darkest moment were related to judas would be when we started pitching it and we had ryan kugler and daniel khalida and lucky stanfield and charles king and we were sure there's going to be a bidding war And everywhere we went they either scott sold no or we love it. You gotta cut your budget by a third and I i know in my heart that if we had Jake joan hall and bradley cooper in period. Victory story piece earlier today would've been throwing money at us And so that was not surprising but dark how discouraging was obviously happy ending. So i'm out. They wanna other brink. We're gonna go to no man's land next. Yeah i i knew. I had to make a film within this budget. Another number and Having produced on my own films I knew that. I can only write certain type of movie and is is the first time that i work with professional actor That put pressure on myself to write something that has more plot in it. And i was in eugene oregon on a trip a research trip i just. It was one of those dark night of the soul value. Say moment where. I go if i stay to this plot. I'm not gonna be able to capture those special moments that i will be able to will add directed and and let us moment come to us because it's going to be too strict and it's gonna be too expensive so Six am gall shower and just throw everything away and roll the whole thing to something much simpler and that's why we ended up making so that was scared. That's a wild rewrite. that's next fastened. Holiday inn is on that We're going to go to one night in miami kemp k. I mean honestly with with an indie movie. There's so many dark moments almost feel like the movie itself is like a cockroach in the universe is just a boot trying to stomp your ass out the whole time but If i had to pick one dark moment it would probably be wrapped principal right before covid in louisiana. But we had several scenes that were pretty pivotal that we knew we had to shoot later in we were actually one of the first productions to kinda ramp up here in los angeles and so they were like really strict code restrictions And so we tested the entire crew. And i think only only two people came back with a with a hit of them. Was regina so we were. We had like a twelve hour period where we had to get retested. It turns out she came back negative. It was a mistaken but there was like a if we didn't get those scenes that week like we wouldn't have been able. We already knew we try and go to venice in toronto and we knew the dates that we needed to have this. Don't finish by. And if if her tested and come back negative it would pretty much been like game over for the year for us so it was a really weird several hours of just kind of sitting there trying not to cry but thankfully we worked out. Glad it worked out. There's having story in each of these dark moments. We're we're going to go to sound of metal. So darius abraham i mean i came into before i started on sound of mental i was just i was driving trucks and Trying to get kind of make it as a songwriter. And i had a serious back injury and ended up on the ground and i lost all. My work had no money. I couldn't carry anything or basically move. And that's what brought me into sound. A metal darius invited me on a on a trip to just chill at him because I screwed So that that turned into a long process of working on the film so it turned into a good thing but started pretty dark. That is amazing. That idea that the darkest moment was the first moment. That's awes- i mean. It's harsh but but at least at least there's an upward inclusion I that's exactly right. Aided lost like fifty pounds at mike was just a shell himself when we when we began this crazy Nor so many dark moments in this like twelve year process that it's hard to narrow down and certainly tons in the casting and the financing and the filming but in actual writing process. What was really dark. Was you know there was no proof of concept. There was no money. There was no support or anything so we started using the sundance labs as like this as this kind of seed of belief and you know the first year. We didn't get accepted. That was hard the second time we didn't get accepted. That was really also hard and you know because you start to go shit. I'm not only. Am i not going to make this movie. But i don't get to go like get that kind of support and then when we finally broke the script Many years or really hit hit it then. Getting that form letter of rejection back from the labs again was a really healthy dose of darkness because it. It just felt like motherfucker. If this doesn't work how you ever make movie. But i particularly want to say it to you jeff in any writers out there because men that regina rejection makes you feel so damn small and it also techs tests resilience. I can i can. I can bring up that darkness in heartbeat out that south. I'm glad it all worked out. Obviously next we're gonna go to aaron sorkin for trial. The chicago seven I think. I i out jennifer friedman on apology. Unknowingly contributed to your darkest moment reason or at ran up against covid was because Sasha shut down production on to come to chicago seven now i. I didn't know anything about this. No one knew anything about this. I didn't know. Sasha was doing borat until i saw the first trailer. It was an incredibly a well. Kept secret Kudos to that but It's my understanding from sasha that the producers were saying you want this to come up for the election you can't go off and do chicago seven. Sasha was promising yes a workout it will work out and of course nobody could event. It's kovic that. That's what they were gonna run into vice my darkest moments so i'm sorry Actually it's fine. I just said that dark moment because it was more. It was a safer thing to say. So you're yet listen. You know there were all these moments along the way along all years to make chicago sapin where he just felt like. This is never gonna happen. And it's a terrible feeling. We all live and die with these things Speaking of which not to be blamed the first two actors we cast in movie both died he fletcher envelopes often. But for me. The darkest moment is always the same. It's it's before i star. It's the near date that i.

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