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Tailor Jones he farms in Warsaw Kentucky in his family are in the hit business and I found a method of growing the plant for oil it has been a success since they added to the farm four years ago you might have heard in the background the home of a weed eater being operated by two of Jones's employees as they meandered up and down the rows of hand knocking down tall weeds that could fort production levels that emphasizes one of the many challenges that might come along with growing hemp it can be very labor intensive Joe back to you on the regulatory front in Ohio the job belongs to the Ohio department of agriculture Dorothy plan to is DA's director the governor signed the bill into law in July and that bill says basically three things the director of agriculture shall create rules surrounding how you grow it how you process it how you research it and how you test its by products our executive director of the hemp program Dave Myron began immediately working on draft rules based upon what other states have drafted in a pilot program those rules when out for public comment by virtue of the law that requires us to do that we're almost at the end of the public comment period were now we can officially go to Jay Kerr to adopt those rules I went over the documents on your on your website there's a there's a million details here we can't get and all of them but one of the group a broad areas that you're expected to regulate is in the cultivation the growing of the hemp crop it begins with a licensing what what's Rick what's kind of the requirements they are the goal to have licensed growers once J. car which is the legislative of rule making arm of the General Assembly approves our rules which we expect to happen in December Joe then farmers can apply to our department for a license now this is different than marijuana in which the law limited the number of people who could grow marijuana and no such restriction exists other than some basic parameters regarding your background I don't think you can have a felony conviction and those kinds of things I get some of these are federal mandates one of the items the deals with land use restrictions what what are we getting into the air the idea and we model these after the Kentucky rules is that amp is not going to be allowed to be grown in someone's basement Joe you know we we want enforcement which is required to go out and inspect these not to have to go into private people's homes you got rules a deal with how the crop is actually harvested then as well yes so the USDA and other states are have promulgated rules that say twelve about twelve days before a farmer's rated harvest he's going to contact our department our inspectors will actually go into the field and doing in field tests for THC that product in the field house to test less than point zero three T. H. C. in order for to be harvested.

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