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On this Memorial Day was at Arlington National Cemetery where vice president Pence laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown. I'll be having a grateful nation. It is my profound privilege to be here. On the hallowed ground of Arlington National Cemetery for the one hundred and fifty first occasion. Where we gather to pay a debt of honor. And gratitude President Trump fan, the first lady laid wreaths at several graves at Arlington last week before leaving for an official visit to Japan. While you're out at a barbecue or a ballgame or shopping, you're being asked to pause today at three o'clock for a national moment of remembrance congress designed, this national act of unity to last one minute and chose three pm local time because that's when most Americans are enjoying their freedoms on this Holiday Inn beside into law by President Clinton in two thousand. Wins news time trial twenty-six now, Bloomberg money. Watch on ten ten win. The o'memory detective Pika CHU is turning out to have a lot of combat power, every continent knows you know. On Paros Star Wars, really peak achieve film could end up being the highest grossing game based movie ever Nintendo is one a Polk him on biggest shareholders. And UT nakimora reporter for Bloomberg news says Nintendo wants to leverage the love for peak itchy and other Pokemon creatures. Walt Disney and. Sell products using its characters and detected Pika CHU is a big step in intendo. Evolution as it pushes to sell it. Switch consul, especially in China, the world's biggest gaming market. Nintendo. Consoles. Mario. Moselle but they do know poke mom Nintendo's us a planning a super. Mario. We'll be a Mario Kart tour game and Nintendo,.

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