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And wild fires this afternoon continue to ravage Northern California like never before. Joe Michaels is joining us live from the Cape. A Wildfire desk with details lots to touch on today, Kitty. We start by noting the historical significance of the wildfires burning on the mend. Asi no National forest. Initially 37 separate fires. They've been combined in what's being called the August complex, which has grown to more than 470,000 acres. That's 736 square Miles. Think about that. It's the largest wildfire in California state history. That's just one of the incidents. Firefighters are battling this afternoon. Closer to home. Three people in Butte County have died as a result of the bear fire, which exploded incised Wednesday and is now being classified as part of the North Complex of fires. I heart media's Mike Baka tells us wild weather shifts, so the reason the West Zone of the north complex has grown to more than 70,000 acres within about a 90 minute period. Yesterday. They were saying that it's moving in a northerly direction. Then they were saying northwesterly direction, then they so it shifted south, and that's kind of commonplace. Right now they're saying it's moving suddenly a little bit there still doing a lot of structure protection in the forest town area. Brush Creek Feather Falls and the Lumpkin Ridge area decreased winds, lower temperatures and higher humidity air, allowing cruise to aggressively fight fire and developed containment lines. Lack of visibility continues to be a factor is heavy smoke in the area of the fire is hampering aircraft ability to fight from above. Focus going forward is to strengthen fire lines to protect a threatened population centers and to begin damage inspections. In Yuba County, Cal Fire's Mary Eldridge tells US crews of up containment on the 14,300 acre willow fired a 15%. We're dealing with very dry grass, brush and timber. And so a lot of that timber has really been burning through and even down into the root. That's making it difficult for firefighters to get to the willow fire, continuing to threaten about 700 homes in the Obscenity of Neptune Lane and Willow Glen Road north of Smart Ville and Cruise on the Eldorado National forests are battling the 2000 Acre fork fire that broke out Tuesday in the Crystal Basin Girlie Creek area northeast of Pollock Pines Mic post of the Forest Service telling us the fire was active overnight, making short runs with isolated, torching and spotting. But things have changed as the day is gone. We have an inversion layer over fire, so it's not being terribly active at the moment. We anticipate that it could change with the acronym Heating. And today we are also expecting a wind shift from the east.

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