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That they actually quit job so think about your benefits are way too good over there. We'll blake man. This is great. Thanks for coming on today. We really appreciate you coming on here and you guys in sweet home down there doing a right and great job teaching these kids and so anything. We didn't touch that. You think. I'm i'm pretty excited for the next episode of civic power. That's that's coming out. And i think you know as far as the future goes know. Keep supporting your local high schools but be involved. I think more than anything. That's something that that were not seeing enough of from people that believe in what i believe in is you know. They tend to not get involved until they have to get involved. Why think we're at that point. I think people need to know that they have to get involved with their high schools. So that programs like mine like auto shop you know like the woodshop you're talking about They need to be in the schools and so being involved with that. I think it would be helpful. Perfect and blake's they can find you over Just basically go to youtube and go manley. jobs right. Popped up l. e. y. Make sure your spell the neighbor who got and which of course is your last name. Great job on the planning by the way they can't complain brand it's awesome. Thanks for coming on today. We appreciate it. Thank you caroline. Appreciate you for more information on around. The house had to around the house. Online dot com. I'm eric g and i'm caroline and you've been.

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