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Detective Pika chew. Should I say this now or later? Sure it it's from the nation. We I'm apparently completely wrong. The cartoon came first, then the games this movie is based on detective Pika chew the game. Not the cartoon where you catch them on and train them in the actual detective peak chew game peak at you as a deep voice and solves mysteries not the same Pika chew cash. Caught in the in the cartoon in other Pokemon. So. So this is a different whole gin him. No, it's one of my friends, but that essences. You're wrong about that Pokemon was gonna tend to forget after my time. Yeah. Pokemon Pokemon shit. So there was a detective peek at your game. That's interesting. We had garbage pail kids. Yeah. We had garbage pill killed stickers that those were great lot of fun. He didn't have to catch him. But they were gross you out. All right. Well. Talk to get the. Movie. Look, he's he's got a a small budget. We got Jamie Foxx playing. Spawn we got Jeremy Renner is one of the leads complaining that they weren't getting behind in in doing what he wanted to do his vision because he's writing and directing like, so you hadn't mentioned the spun movie earlier, he's not getting a green light for some reason. This is the problem he had with the Hollywood system when he made that movie like they he wasn't able to do the movie that was movie. Yes. The way he wanted to. So I thought he would get more control. But rugs saying is they're resisting some of this fighting back. But I mean, this is the guy they give a whole Spiderman comic book to write and he'd never wrote a whole comic book before. And to be honest. Those first issues of spider bad, we're not going which era was he I forget early nineties. It all it's he was hit ninety two ninety three. And then image started early. He was amazing Spiderman okay, he was amazing win. Venom came out. He created venom co-created venom. Right. That I know got his own spider where I think he got a lot of spawn from. Yes, it looks a lot like sparring. Yeah. And then he they started image. And he started spun which spot is like one of the highest selling black superheroes. Still to this day portrayed by Michael J, white and the first movie the article also makes great points that you forget that Todd made a really popular real human black super hero. That was black. Yes. That's the thing that nobody ever. I think it was a murder cop. Yes. He was like a mercenary house. I supposed to know you is black. It's only issue of the. Yeah. Until the movie, and he's only you always see him in the very first issue. Axes white black Michael J, white better known from sons of anarchy. Yes. At the pri- all five years. Probably remember Michael J white from like all the bad like be movie. Steven Seagal the mix. Thousands. He was black dynamite. Yeah. Did you guys see the? Speaking of old rappers. Did you guys see what? What fifty cents to two Giro? No again. He's still he's still picking on John rule. He bought out the I two hundred seats. Something. And then we were talking about last week on ground that he's buying all of Giro doesn't own his masters so shit. So so fifty two recordings to do what with them to either. Fuck it paid off them or just completely make him go fuck away. I mean, how petty are you disliked, Cheryl, come up? Fifty. You got shot nine times. It's five leave this motherfucker alone. Gosh, should know what it's like to go. If you brought up the so as like I like John rule for a hot second. And then like it got really repetitive on two hundred seats at a concert. There's only one hundred six people going. I doubt. That's that's so me you play a song. I probably know the words and we'll start. Oh, come on. I love singing. He was singing with a shanty a shot. I just wanted to another gorgeous. Jay Z what you really want. Another name. That's all he's hot for like one summer. I I fucked..

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