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Up in a way where there's a line of decision making the can take less than years. Is to get decisions done other revenue sources looked at but not agreed upon include a cruising charge on four hire. Vehicles changes to real estate taxes and capturing revenue from the legalization of marijuana in midtown. Steve burns, WCBS NewsRadio. Eight eighty the city's public housing agency is at risk of a federal takeover today. Mayor de Blasios sat down with HUD secretary. Ben Carson to talk about the future of Niger with a deadline looming at the end of January the specter of federal control of Nitra through receivership continues to hang over New York's troubled public housing agency. But mayor Blasios came out of his face to face meeting with the HUD secretary declaring a course, the topic came up, and I think there was a broad agreement that we're going to do all together to avert that both pod. And the city of New York believe there's a better way. And that better ways come to a settlement three members of the New York congressional delegation, including Carolyn Maloney, backed up. The mayor Ray of the New York delegation are going to work our hearts out to get more federal funding for Niger for public housing. More federal support as mayor de Blasio put it referring to Dr Carson. It's clear he holds the outcome in his hands. Adding, HUD secretary has gone out of his way to say local control is the best option at twenty-six federal plaza. Rich lamb WCBS NewsRadio eight eight eight six oh seven. This is why you need to start your day with WCBS. Boy, have we had rail troubles voice activity here. Again this morning flash. Flood warning still in effect for portions of the area until the made stocks plunged after they.

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