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To wrap up an outright victim title kansas where we try to secure out like big twelve championship are two games remaining in the big 12 regularseason to take one step closer that they defeat taxes tomorrow night at alan field al's for warned shrouded pushed their way in that larger consideration for the nc it what a great late season basketball with huge nca tournament ramifications all across the country wisconsin he hit fourteen point four to go in the badgers now six in out of the davis put real top of the art he will fire up what threequarter don't get all three malpensa we got port now data's at seven seconds ago davidson greek one anti now wisconsin with four point seven to go as grab davis a truly end fighting to keep it alive or the and just phenomenal quaid boeing by greg guard on the first shot the davidson this he was wide open that should not happen michigan state loss had four communication they should have switched that screen but again the offensive rebounding which has clearly gone the way of michigan state near tonight now two possessions in a row has favored wisconsin but you're still down three or four point seven seconds left want to try and steal the inbound pass but you don't have time to go for a steal once the ball comes into play you have the foul on that tach if you don't get it no question about that now is the badgers all the time out their final time out four point seven to go.

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