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It is helping her I think she is seen I talked to a lot of voters and essentially the problem they he with Washington right now is how parties than it really is at this point and how I guess the the partisan victory all have really taking up taking over on Washington politics really so I think it should be seen that who is a bit of a brick building a bridge is more moderate she I actually spoke to a member of the public he went to her rally on national ID are little bit lunch yesterday the rotary club and not from I'm a fascination with her right now Julia all thank you so much for your time we we appreciate it good luck out there New Hampshire stay warm and we look forward to talking to you again as the two thousand and twenty residential campaigns continue thank you so much for your time Julie we appreciate it thank you so much all right there thanks largely always does a fantastic job for us I don't know what was going on with the phone there towards the end I think she was the down phone maybe phoning in to help for help I don't know I was a little strange but that now I don't know what that what that noise was at her phone was at us now that certainly was not us what do you think you think our our producers pressing for seven threat no I'll be real I've never heard that once in my life that was that was strange at first but anyway we appreciate Julia Manchester taking some time to join a she does a great job as a political reporter from the hill covering this New Hampshire primary out there New Hampshire tell you what is the level of people out there New Hampshire enjoy living out there not me to freezing cold don't like a great seafood though I tears around doing a lot of snow but a White Christmas was chairman white on white hello good seafood platter white it is as well yes I'd say is we're gonna do we're gonna take a quick break and when we come back why is the president of the United States calling Mike Bloomberg a racist and why he deleted the tweet we'll get to that coming up next you're listening to the Vegas take right here on the only one a one point five FM seven twenty AM Kate on your text radio nation what's up it's Ken Thompson hostess for two three of reminding you to catch me my new times eight to ten PM for the local Vegas sports coverage plus national scene as well that's were tex radio on the new one OR one five.

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