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One Oklahoma City with fire good morning I'm Jacquelyn Scott in the Kitty okay new center cool today cold and wet on thanksgiving our forecast is coming up at least a dozen grass fires in the Oklahoma City metro yesterday fire officials say all of them were relatively small authorities say one was caused by working power lines another sparked by a worker welding offense wind whipped wildfires forced Fargo residents to evacuate their homes in Ellis county last night and threaten the town of Moreland and Woodward county yesterday the fire first threatened Moreland before winds change direction and said the fire toward Fargo and its some four hundred residents to structures were lost in Moreland before the fire there was contained no injuries were reported in either a town on the road back to normal it in Oklahoma Air Force base where two airmen died last week Jim Forsyth reports flight operations have resumed advance airforce base in Enid nearly a week after a training jet crash killed two airman flight operations were suspended after last Thursday's accident involving two T. thirty eight talons two airmen in the second jet were not injured there's a good chance you'll probably want to keep the romaine lettuce off your thanksgiving dinner table Joe NATO tells us why the current outbreak of E. coli has expanded with federal health officials saying a total of sixty seven have been infected with eat coli across nineteen states thirty nine of them reported to have been hospitalized no one's died but six people got so sick they develop kidney failure the food and drug administration says that letters came from the Salinas California area and if you're not sure you're rooming came from there or not don't need it symptoms to watch out for digestive.

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