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Case is the only one in which cosby has been charged the idaho supreme court has denied custody and visitation rights to a gay women who raised a child with her former partner reflecting state laws that have not been updated since samesex marriage became legal in two thousand fourteen the couple of race the child together after splitting up in two thousand twelve but their relationship deteriorated two years ago and the child's via logical mother barred her former partner from contacting the child who is now seven grandparents greatgrandparents and even i cousins in idaho can seek custody guardianship or visit tation rights to children in certain circles mm stances but an unmarried samesex partner cannot but they can legally adopt if the other parent agrees several states including new mexico washington and nevada allow women or men who consent to another woman's insemination to be legally considered the child's parent even if the couple is not married according to the national center for lesbian rights but a few states including idaho perf far more restrictive utah for instance prohibits any one who lives with an unmarried partner samesex are not from adopting in the idaho ruling wednesday the high court decided unanimously that the woman identified only as jane doe has no parental rights to the sevenyearold child because her former partner is the one who was artificially inseminated and carried the baby and also because the two women were not married the alias is often used in custody cases to protect the identity of the children samesex marriage wasn't legal in idaho until two years after the couple split though some state agencies have updated policies to reflect the change many vase have not been similarly revised the state has no laws allowing samesex partners to seek the same sex rights as certain relatives to custody visitation or guardianship unless they are biologically related or adopt the child it's not all love in the commemoration.

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