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Of mysterious deaths of American tourists. Staying resorts in the Dominican Republic latest Jake her and his family coming forward. Now seventy eight year old had dinner and drinks, the first night, then got sick three days later, he was dead. Now, five months later, his family is still seeking answers as to what happened. The Dominican Republic officials are denying that there is any connection between these eight FOX's Steve Harrigan. This is Fox News. W O, a local news. One man is dead. And three others are in critical condition after a truck ran into their vehicle early this morning around three AM the truck was speeding down southwest military, rear ended the car at a red light. The impact was so severe it sent the victim's vehicle about a quarter mile down the road. There were four people in the car. One man was pronounced dead at the scene. Two men and one woman were taken to the hospital in critical condition. Two of the four men in the truck tried to flee the scene. All four were taken into custody and charges are pending of plane crash in Walker County. Today's left a passenger dead and the pilot injured. The crash happened near highway nineteen north of Huntsville, the department of public safety is on the scene, and the FAA will be investigating authorities in Fort Worth are investigating after a sheriff's deputy was fatally shot Tarrant county sheriff Bill waiver and identified the victim as sergeant Keith shepherd nineteen year veteran with the department wavered says Sheppard was found in his personal vehicle. In the employee parking garage. Suffering from head injuries. He was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead. No arrests have been made and no suspects have been named nearly one in every two fathers, some forty eight percent admit they do not spend enough time with their children. One group is out to change that Kevin Braswell with father's Inc. Says this Father's Day weekend. Get silly with your kids. Important, not to take yourself, so serious.

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