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Eating whatsoever and he's like the rock of gibraltar and he he went over the top and barrel into me i lost my headset like that's the one thing is the play by play guy you can't lose your headset i lost my head so i went down and i had wrath next to me and all he did was there was no for tech and was no lunch in front of me i just i just took it like a man but yeah that was that was not fun well have fun tonight we'll be watching and who you working with tonight i'm working with the bones oh very yeah and he's got good hairs hair looks postseason form so tell tell bones we settle oh there well thank you for the kind words that was that was really nice the flying at the time and when i land waiting for me so i and i look at the first one it was for my wife i met you so that ended up for a nice words but then the other forty forty four see we were going to i said some nice things about nine eagle sorry on your phone is fading out there but i said that i think he might be the most underrated broadcaster because he's great on the nfl he's great with basketball energy there since humor there let his color analysts sets him up well it's not about him in the broadcast mike breen is this way too i mean there there are guys who just they do it with the way that i think the job should be done and i think that bringing an eagle or two of those guys who had that role and set up their analysts quite well and don't make it about themselves so we apologize for the phone difficulties but he's working on a par to tribute of video first daughter so i didn't have time to get a good phone line ryan eagle apparently.

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