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A press conference in Boston. An unholy list of names attorney Mitchell Garabedian who represented dozens of children abused by priests during the height of the clergy crisis here in Boston released seven more names today, he says these seven priests from the Boston archdiocese were found credibly accused a pedophilia, but they were not publicly named by the archdiocese of Boston spanning decades of sexual abuse. And there's no end in sight. If we've learned anything his Thomas, the Catholic church cannot self police when it comes to keeping children safe and sexual abuse. And this is just for the evidence. In a statement, the archdiocese says all allegations were reported to law enforcement, they add that five of the priests are dead and therefore not on the list of six priest in the church has not been active in the ministry and is listed on their website seven. Priest is under investigation and retire. An Uber driver charged with raping a woman during a ride in Waltham is facing the music. Let's go live now to rent them district court and WBZ's Kim Tunnicliffe standing by Kim. Lori Nelson Guerrero and Karner has been ordered held without bail pending a dangerous not on Thursday. His attorney Robert karnal is vehemently denying the rape charges against him incur accused of raping a drunk over passenger. He was driving from Franklin to rent them early Sunday. The police report states and carnage vehicle was stopped on the side dirt road for nearly an hour before he dropped off the alleged victim the woman is accusing and Karna climbing into the back seat and assaulting her. But attorney Carnell says his client and the woman were actually in the front seats during that hour talking about the alleged victims problems in woes, he says the woman gave in carnival phone number when she got out of the car and said she wanted to see him again in rent them. Kim Tunnicliffe WBZ Boston's News Radio or Kim. Thanks for that update. Let's get a weather and traffic update right now, we do it together to three and we also say good afternoon. My king with the Subaru retailers of New England. And all wheel drive traffic on the threes. And back with you Mike as going pretty good Lori. You know, the expressway southbound is off to a pretty tough start here. Southbound's already stop and go from the O'neil tunnel down past south bay down past the gas tank, but it's good after that nor found not so bad sluggish Braintree up to east Milton we expect that right on route three south watch for link closure grew to twenty eight and Rockland road work continues there and work continues on the Cape. Route six eastbound is packed up in barnstable, but I have mile of stop and go with the lane closure up by exit six the lower ends of one twenty eight ninety three. They're in good shape. Things are pretty good up to the north the upper end of one twenty eight off to a good start. Same idea with routes three and ninety three up towards four thousand five route ones wide open pass Lynn fells Parkway can see that there is a slight backup to thirteen westbound in buffoon this work going on by exit four downtown pretty quiet for now. The Leverett connector is busy both sides of the lower deck and the Tobin bridge or fine. Stirrer drive is just slow in and out of livered, circle and the pike westbound. Stop and go after one twenty eight with a lane closure there. Mike king WBZ's traffic on the threes. All right, Mike. Thank you. We'll get that chopper up in a little bit. Also coming up in a little bit. And air force veteran flying through the skies of Manchester. New Hampshire this afternoon.

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