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They each more or less take place in a single time period. Nineteen ninety four nine thousand nine hundred. Seventy eight sixteen sixty six well. The third one's a bit of a stretch. I'd say yeah. But that's that's where the titles come from. And all of these stories and generational things are are interconnected. You know it's a time traveling. Twenty one grams right miles Sure i vividly recall what the fuck you're talking about. Twenty one grabs. Everything's connected so what we get is basically these three kind of segmented movies that that they tied together with a little bit of connective tissue. But i can't help but think that these don't function well as movies and certainly not as serialized. Tv show because everything is so fucking long. And i cannot figure out for the life of me why this isn't like one two even three movies where these time periods are sort of interwoven freely more often instead of being segmented as much as they are or an actual say. I don't know six ten episode tv series where you can break this up a little bit more. I mean and that's what it functions as. It doesn't if if there were a twitter debate about whether this film or television it doesn't read like film at all. It's almost astonishing. How much it. It feels like like. I had to convince jake. This was not in fact a netflix produced original thing. Because i mean i would not have suggested if it had been because i think we've all had our fill of what netflix is peddling these days. But i knew it was a dumb plug it was. It was an independent project that found its way to net flicks and thereby was kind of interested in it. But i would. This even look like in the theaters like what would be the release strategy. What the fuck is this as a theatrical release of three feels like how could it exist. What would it be. I have no idea because he it absolutely feels like the chilling adventures of sabrina. Or something like that. That's kind of the or like you know it's got a real river. Dale shitty or sabrina but shitty answer name any cw show that you like mildly respect and then add butts shady at the end of it or because it features a handful of of these like killer monsters. That can't be stopped and even when you kill them they sort of like reform and chase you again. So i dubbed the series shit follows. But you know i. I don't know if that's gonna stick. Its trademarked now..

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