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Hello and welcome to wind episode Nineteen Gene. Thank you for joining us. I'm Rhonda and I'm Heather every episode. We ask US Ikoyi question and pair it with a bottle of wine because wine is awesome. Alright friends let's uncork regard brains so I was wondering this week. Why is everyone staring at me? This is the question of of the week leakier. Does that keep you up at night. Sometimes sometimes it does not as much as it did when I was in high school and I had to give you know oral presentations in front of the class and I was incredibly uncomfortable that I had a little more but when you say things like oral people do Stereo especially in high school eight so the question is why. Is everyone staring at me. The wine that I'm pairing with this question this week. I think pretty perfect. It is a rose. Aa Ed. I'm going to start with that already. Fan Rosa otherwise known as a blush right and the title or the name of this line is and why am I Mr Pink. So there's a story behind why it's called that but I'm GonNa tell you the story of why I think it's perfect for this question when you think about feeling like everyone is staring at you feeling embarrassed feeling like you're in the spotlight. I don't know about you you but I get read. I blush I break out in probably more than just a blush but I get pretty red splotch e. So I thought what's better hurt to go with this topic of being embarrassed in social situations having anxiety in social situations than a blush wine and I found a blush rush wine which I've actually had before and I hadn't thought of it so I saw it in the store again but it's called Mr Pink so the wind is blushing. It's blush color. It's perfect and the due to its named after his blushes. Yes so this wine it is as I said it's a it's called Mr Pink but the bottle says in. Why am I Mr Pink so it is a two thousand eighteen rose Zeh? It's out of Columbia Valley Washington. It is made with sand jovita grapes tips and so this one is fun because it is part of this underground wind project which is a collaboration between two really. Big Washington engine winemakers Mark mcneilly from Mark Ryan winery. Which I guess is a pretty big deal if you know anything about wine and I didn't? I've never heard of it but I'm sure there's lots of things but we don't have it and this other guy trae Bush shoes from slight of hand sellers So two pretty big Washington wine names James in two thousand nine released their first collaboration wine which was called idle hands. They only produce one hundred cases of it sold out became like a cult favorite. I guess and so. Then they've since then done a couple of other collaborations so this Mr Pink Collaboration of theirs so so they started. I guess talking about making it They said that this project started over a glass of wine in a conversation about the movie reservoir dogs which is equipped to Tino. She no film my fiance's a huge Tarintino fan so he was very excited when he found this bottle of wine and showed it to me. Mr Pink was my favorite character. So so if you don't know anything about the movie so the quote from the make the winemaker said. I think we're probably drinking sharply and talking about Steve Buscemi's character. Victor and we decided Mr Pink would be the greatest name for a Rosa some history pink in the movie Played by Steve Buscemi. So if you're not seeing the movie I'm not GonNa give you the whole breakdown down but basically you know it's very violent movie it's Tarantino but these characters all have different color names because they have codenames so Mr Pink is one of the characters and he's actually the only character to survive at the end of the movie so there you go this particular wine they. He said you know they were talking. They were drinking wine and they were talking about the movie and then they thought Mr Pink would be the great a great name for Arosa so they They said they wanted to make make something. That was fun. But Not Cambier cheesy something that would look equally at home on a massive display at mit market or at the table at Cafe Juanita. So I don't you know what that means but okay shortly after that conversation. The pair sat down With their go to label designer and he sketched something on a cocktail napkin and they instantly decided that that was what they were going to do. So I will show you the label and we'll post it on the website too but it's just a very simple it's a white label. It has sort of just literally. And why am I in gray and then Mr Pink and pink so I guess in two thousand fifteen. They released east thousand cases of it. It was gone in five weeks and so then in two thousand seventeen. They ramped up on that. So now they're making I. I guess they said eighty ton ferments so fermenting eighty tonnes of wine. It became very popular. So that is the story of the wine the creation of this collaboration. I don't know if you can answer the question. But when when to winemakers collaborate on a bottle of wine how how does each of them contribute something from their separate vineyard or I don't really know specifically on this one they it says that they So it's it's a senior of AC made with fruit from ancient lakes and while Lewke slope. So I don't know if they have different vineyards and they kind of combine their own or if it's more just collaboration and that like they source the grapes. They want for it and collaborate in the way they want it to taste and look and all interesting so they said the making of if Mr Pink involves skin contact during pressing only and I'll talk a little bit more about what that means with Rosa. So they said they were looking for a pink that POPs but doesn't doesn't look too dark so they said they did this skin contact pressing own lane then followed it with a series of tastings and blending 's that was a group exercise between them. They came up with their joint style and I guess too. That's how the collaboration kind of works So we'll talk a little bit about just real quick. I said this is Sandra Visa. It's Arosa and it's from Washington so I'm GonNa give you a little bit of information about that Sanjay. AC without going in too much detail. I WanNa talk more about it as a Rosa. Just about it as a group in general. Because usually you see Sandra. AC is a as a red wine. Apparently Sandra is Italy's top grape variety priority. But it's one of the most underappreciated Rosie Grapes and Italy Sanjay says usually labeled as Rosado which is the Italian the N.. Word for pink. So if you see a Rosado wine it's probably San Giovanni grapes that's interesting 'cause I usually skip over Rosetto thinking it's too close to Mus Scotto auto and so I think it's GonNa be a swimming right now and this is and I think we've talked about this in another episode where I did a Rosa. But that's a common misconception conception about rose as in general is I think people are wising up to that. Now AS Roma's as have been popular last couple years but that Rosa that because it's pink it's going to be sweet like the old white Zinfandel or whatever but it's not it's made it can be just like a white wine or red. Wine can be sweet but just because it's pink doesn't mean it's sweet Just because it's darker pink doesn't mean it's sweeter it actually means. The skin of the grape skate stays in contact with the juice longer because the color alert comes from the skin of the grape which actually makes it sort of a deeper richer Roseanne Roseanne. So if there's one public service that we're offering here is rose. He is not ways in Rosa's not my don't avoid it just because it's being don't avoid a dark. Pink rose eight just because you think that's going to be sweet. That's not the case so so Sanjay C. J. Tim staff flavors of wild strawberry bursts of red fruits Some subtle like spices like all spice vice cloven cumin. Apparently and as I said it's the most planted wine grape in Italy but in Washington it just kind of has a very small niche. The I I guess there are four main grapes that are really popular for Rosa and Sanjay visa is one of those. But it's kind of on the bottom of the list and it tends to have a sand g-o-v AC arosa tends to be rosy that is more like that salmon light salmon color and not so much peak so it is really light. You know. I don't know if you can kind of see it but it has that sort of salmon. Ten it's nice. I like it and part of that. Is that the winemaker. said they really wanted a pink here that popped but didn't be too dark so they said they only let the skin have contact with the juice during pressing only so I talk about that a little bit with throws So there are four main ways of making a rosy wine The most popular by far is something called limited skin maceration and essentially really. What that means is that they mash up the grapes? They leave the skin on contact with for a while depending on how dark they want it to be and then they Strain off the juice. The juice then without the skin continue to from it the second most popular way is direct pressing and it sounds like. That's what they did with this wine so it's very similar. But essentially all. It is is an indirect pressing they allow the grape juice to have contact with the skin. Only while it's being pressed and then it doesn't soak with it at all. The grapes are pressed right away. Remove the skin and so there's just a hint of that pigment but they don't get really dark so it tends to produce the lightest colors wrote say and apparently rose as that use direct pressing tend to be more citrusy with hints of strawberries but of course the great variety is GonNa very the flavor. There you go. That is apparently made and I said it so is it. PRODUCED IN WASHINGTON San Giovanni say very popular in Italy really not so much as a Rosa coming out of Washington lead kind. has this little niche there but Washington is actually the second largest US producer of wines just behind California and it is split into two distinct regions by this mountain range. And the most probably the Ryan's they do they're of course Merlot Chardonnay which are kind of the most popular in America. In general but Sanjay Jovesa Roseanne is kind of gaining this little niche there. So that is it okay now. This blushing wine. So as I said it you know is is light. Sammy it does so it. Supposedly what I read on the Internet is the hit. This one is mostly traced like crisp watermelon. Fresh pick strawberries and a little bit of grapefruit. And it's supposed to be break in refreshing making your mouth water just a bit so all right only smells Tell us if it lives up to the hype. It's smells strawberry and watermelon. I can definitely small watermelon. It is tasty makes me wish it was still summer and I could be sitting on the porch drinking this yet. It's definitely getting to the time of year where I probably will not be drinking refrigerator winds anymore and I didn't. I wasn't planning on doing a Rosa today. I went to the wine store and was thinking. I definitely get a red because it's chilly out..

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