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With him in the future when asked about Alan Jo Hanson said I love forty I believe him and I would work with him any time the pair have worked together on movies match point Vicky Cristina Barcelona and scoop that's why it was a really good movie yeah I have an art and it's really good Vicky Cristina Barcelona was okay he he she's it's a controversial stance but one that she is entitled to take I suppose there you go and Dwayne Johnson left his honeymoon early to fill in for Kevin Hart on the Kelly Clarkson show after his friend and co star was hospitalized with a major back injury over the weekend heart was schedule to be Clarkson's first guest ever on the new syndicated talk show Clarkson said because Kevin couldn't be here one of his good friend stepped the heck up and I love him but his wife probably hates me to take that so will premiere on channel five I witness news September ninth so glad you're bringing this up Brian we have first hand communication with Kelly Clarkson we will be getting too in the very first segment of the Donna and Steve show that is. fans have right here on my talk one of seven wonderful well that is the latest or hear from my talk for more stories like these and everything your team and head over to the my talk app and my talk one of seven one dot com. there is some new information there might talk to her to learn at the top of every hour and eight twenty twelve twenty and five twenty on my top one of seven one. no I'm not I'm not I'm not I'm not at all no I'm not I'm not I'm not I'm not. hundred dollar bills. yeah. gonna be the same. everybody. show right here on my talk one oh seven one Donna and Steve are both out today but don't worry we'll hold down the fort and we've got a big diaper drive to get going this morning I'm Elizabeth threes filling in I don't know maybe for.

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