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Chuck squire with traffic and weather extra sports 1300 allsports all the time they know more about sport uh so i got news for brock's not going to be any better and even if they don't will continue to say they do like who had i'm sorry i hear you over him scoring a gamehigh twenty nine points well it doesn't matter because you loss it's ryan kaufman and chris brayden on drivetime sports atat me on extras sports thirteen needed welcome to a ryan in wheels with you in studio uh chris ended eyes because housing about us or you just thinking it'd be back in a couple of up to shake civililans tale than then how the saying goes me each of uh that was a rhetorical grant meech of a five will join us in the next segment um donald will have time at the bottom of the hour our thanksgiving at madness uh uh uh continuing the first round has concluded this thing goes quick i i think we get to the elite eight today and then and then do the final three tomorrow prevalje ah k well that's what we're doing you'll an extended period of time to vote we are into the second round a couple of upsets mostly domination azzam if you would like to like to respond with green kooky face emojis like wales uh you could go to uh at extra sports 1300 on twitter i am posting all the polls as we speak i have the entrees in the desert region in sweet sixteen put up there and then i'll get the sides as we progress here you will have till the the show vote on those we will discuss them of course will have to bring mode with grant his grant will probably bring him up anyway maybe maybe a little bit into crunch simon towards the end of the show will i get into some of these matchups as well but we are into the drive times sports thanksgiving man is sweet sixteen cast her vote at extra sports 1300 on twitter man uh the.

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