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Himself a law and order president and an ally of all peaceful protesters in the wake of George Floyd's death but he then criticized protesters these are not acts of peaceful protests these are acts of domestic terror the destruction of innocent life and the spelling of innocent blood is an offense to your manatees and a crime against god as the president spoke police and troops used force to clear way nonviolent protesters outside the White House so the president could walk to a nearby church for a photo op a new poll from NPR PBS newshour Marist finds that two thirds of Americans say president trump is increased racial tensions following the death of George Floyd joining us now to talk about the poll is NPR's Domenico Montanaro dominical thanks so much for being with us Hey there's got things happening overall how do Americans view the protests you know they view them pretty positively I mean as a sixty two to twenty eight percent margin that people say that they view the demonstrations as mostly legitimate protests rather than mostly people acting unlawfully and by a similar sixty one to thirty one percent margin they do the demonstrations as more protests than right it's pretty much the same numbers and while a majority still have at least a fair amount of confidence in police in their own communities to treat black and white people equally that's down eight points from America pull from twenty fourteen there are predictably divides along party and racial lines yeah fifty nine percent of Republicans saying that they view the demonstrations as riots for example and how almost half of African Americans forty eight percent saying that they have very little to no confidence that the police will treat whites and blacks equally the medical have these attitudes towards protests changed over the years this is a huge finding I feel like in the poll that there's been this sea change really from the nineteen sixties when demonstrators took to the streets to fight for civil rights I took a look back at some of the poll numbers from Gallup and Harris and others and majorities in the nineteen sixties had an unfavorable view of civil rights demonstrations and they thought that they would actually hurt African Americans cause for racial equality for example in one poll question nineteen sixty three sixty percent of Americans had an unfavorable view of the planned March on Washington that's the same March on Washington that produced Martin Luther king junior's I have a dream speech and in nineteen sixty eight your member the unrest around the Democratic National Convention in Chicago majorities approved of the police's response and said that Chicago mayor Richard Daley then was right in his forceful use of the police against those demonstrators and that's just not what we're seeing today and of course America these protests to come along the same time table is elections in November according to this poll what are Americans saying about the job president trump is doing you know president trump's approval ratings about where it's been it's at forty one percent but his disapproval rating we find is on the rise it's up five points from March to fifty five percent that's almost a record high of disapproval for president trump and beneath the surface is what's really interesting here almost half the country forty seven percent now says that they strongly disapprove of the job that president trump is doing that's the highest we've ever seen that kind of intensity of disapproval is just stunning most of that movement by the way is coming from independence they shot up ten points since March in their strong disapproval of the president and that's a group trump won in twenty sixteen but he's done really very little to reach out to them since becoming president and what could this mean for reelection well look we're five months away from the election so you don't want to draw too many conclusions but right now trump is trailing former vice president Joe Biden the presumptive democratic nominee quite significantly trump is down fifty to forty three against Biden and you know at this point Biden's made a lot of inroads with some key groups whites men older voters and significant gains with suburban voters in particular and for all the criticism that Joe Biden is faced from some corners on his policies on race he's winning eighty eight percent of black voters pretty much what Democrats have gotten in past presidential elections I am here to medical Montanaro thanks very much for speaking with us you're so welcome Scott this week federal prosecutors announced the arrest of three men who are allegedly part of the extremist boogaloo movement the group that seeks to bring about a civil war in America the criminal complaint claims they planned to bring Molotov cocktails to a black lives matter protest following the death of George Floyd besides their ideology one thing they had in common was that they were members of ability boogaloo group on Facebook HM mac has more on how this extremist movement is proliferating on that platform Attorney General William Barr cited this extremist movement Thursday as one that federal law enforcement is keeping an eye on there are some groups that want to bring about a civil war the blue group that has been on the margin of this as well trying to exacerbate the violence the three men arrested in Nevada were accused of trying to instigate violence between police and protesters there's a dynamic that's at work where they're trying to infiltrate the public anger over the killing of George Floyd and exploit it for their own advantage that's anti defamation league CEO Jonathan Greenblatt whose organization has been tracking this extremist movement some people involved in the movement are white supremacist but by no means all of them others involved with movement the majority are anti government and seek a conflict with the state with law enforcement and the ideological what they perceive to be the ideological left all three of those arrested by federal law enforcement were members of a blue Facebook group according to a criminal complaint NPR examined the Facebook profile of one of the suspects and found that he was a member of multiple Facebook groups relating to the boogaloo movement Joel Finkelstein is the director of the network contagion research institute which tracks hateful ideology online he says that Facebook has become a key place for members of the boogaloo movement to organize recruit and discussed communication strategies through the use of private groups in terms of a structure that allows these things to remain hidden I think it goes without saying almost that Facebook is far away one of the best kinds of platforms that you can have for that purpose Finkelstein said that as he and his team research these extremist groups Facebook began to advertise to him we were given targeted advertisements by the platform supporting the boogaloo in the form of shirts containing Google memes hats military badges containing this kind of material Facebook said through a spokesperson that it had removed the accounts of the three men arrested the spokesperson said that in may the company had updated its violence and incitement policy to prohibit content related to the term Google when accompanied by depictions of armed violence it also said it was preventing these pages and groups from being recommended to others on Facebook critics argue that Facebook hasn't done enough to combat extremist content Daniel Stevens has the tech transparency project a group that seeks to hold large tech companies accountable he said that in April his organization released a report about how the boogaloo movement organizes on Facebook but Facebook didn't take serious actions Stephens argues things and didn't take down these Google groups they're all still available on Facebook now some of the groups have changed their names or have changed many traders are they done a you know a few small things to try to evade detection but essentially they're out there and all these people are anything on Facebook to this day and despite Facebook's pledge to stop recommending these pages Stephens said his teams are recommendations for Bukola groups on Facebook as recently as Thursday Tim Mackey NPR news Washington elected.

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