Mark Mcgwire, Sammy Sosa, Rosecolored discussed on Overthinking It Podcast - Episode 485: Were The Grandpas in the Vampire Movie


Like seriously like now mark mcgwire if he was disliked it was probably for a certain kind of bluto wish arrogance right he was a pop villain and and put who did like sammy sosa i mean i certainly love sammy sosa don't let you guys i i still do the same he so so like kiss my fingertips pat my chest kiss my fingertips point up to avin right every once in a while because i feel like it's a wonderful gesture and it has a certain appropriate uses but it's it's like i i know what you're saying that okay so what you're saying is that we can identify a place where in retrospect we know that at the time we were looking at an emperor with no clothes and we can then speak to what that experience was like then but what i was saying is that will when it was then we didn't know or at least we weren't cognizant of an even if we knew it and also i i mean i would say that there were probably i you know i'm maybe this is overly optimistic maybe this is just to rosecolored v but i feel like the truth will out right like i feel like reality has a wellknown liberal bias no reality has a feel like reality has a way of of asserting itself no one of one of the things one of the influential things i ever learned about a i learned about acting when i was training is in one of stanislavsky is books one of the the lines of one of hit what they're not his books rate like they were collected by other people and there's actually a long and arduous publication history and the history many scripts but the is books anymore i bought it for nine 95 now my book.

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