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As we is one one so i bring you know because he's everyone assumes that the plate gate although you know it in the play gets pretty much over the patriots got their revenge the patriots winder roger goodell had to scary off the stage like quote a wrap according to joe thomas everybody assumes the patriots got the last laugh it's all over with then you come to find out if you actually look into it because i think people were so tired of the flight did that they sort of you know glance over the details that so i gentlemen of the boston herald that alex rick lane probably effing his name of my apologies mr wrigley nothing up he points out that they're still going to lose a fourth round pick in this upcoming draft because of the flight game and then mike florio pro football talk goes on to point out that they've had success when it comes to the fourth from the patriots have whether it's james white malcolm mitchell trey flowers stephen gostkowski just to name a few the patriots do well in the later rounds of the nfl draft so the fact that everyone's wondering why the patriots are still pissed off why they still got a red ass about the situation there still going to be docked a fourth round pick in this upcoming draft and not only the success they haven't the late around picks they also package those picks some time yeah the package to move back up in the first or second round and those mid round picks were i think other teams to got a look at them as valuable maybe beal absence some jim's and the reason why should jonas is because if if if you're gm alright or even head coach right here that i control the roster and you're the decision maker when you're drafted guy like myles garrett and he turns out the successful revert gotta like oh yeah it really great pick bare dallas hard it's the the mid round guys that you spots that is the tom brady in a six round the becomes the greatest of all time that's when says holy cow this guy can really identify talent and he put in this system where it makes them successful that's why.

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