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Dot com. Special financing subjects. Credit approval. Minimum of the payments quietly store for details. 10 38 traffic and weather on the H two Rob Stallworth in the traffic center. Baltimore Washington Part Way starting to take a couple of hits. First New Crashes South Down on the BW Parkway near 4 50. With the reported crash there. You may have a least one lane blocked further south on the BW Parkway. This is after, uh Two or one Kenworth Avenue, headed toward 50 in New York Avenue. Maybe a single lane on Lee getting by there and the district South Bound D. C to 95 ramp to the inn Bonnie Lemon Street Bridge one into the Jersey Wall along the left side state single file right in order to get by there. No other problems being reported on the freeway Outbound Canal Road between Georgetown University and Fox Hall rose to left lane getting in by the emergency work there from the storm debris from last week in Maryland. No problems being report Into us on the Beltway through Montgomery in Prince George's County to 70 remains clear. No problems on I 95 things are looking pretty good on route 50 as you make your way between the capital Beltway in the Eastern shore in Temple Hills. We had the accident investigation on ST Barnabus Road both ways at the ramp to South Bound five Branch Avenue. That ramp is sensory open and all lanes air clear from that earlier crash investigation. Taking you to Virginia. No problems being reported on the Beltway for now, between Alexandria and Adele and McClane South down on the George Washington Parkway. After the key bridge we had the right lane blocked for the crash their North bound on the George Washington Park, where he went to the inner loop. The right side is blocked for the crashing there. Watch out and stay to the left in order to get by for traveling at this point on 66. You are clear between Gainesville in Roslyn. I 95 South bound clear between Springfield interchange in Fredericksburg and into Spotsylvania. Further south on I 95 the ramp to root 207 Carmel Church exit 104 That rent was blocked in Caroline County. At last report for that particular crashing in there. No problems on north downside of I 95 hour 3 95 as you make your way between Fredericksburg and the 14th Street Bridge. I'm Rob Stallworth. W T o p. Traffic, not a storm Team four meteorologist Lauren Rickets temperatures today in the thirties and forties, well above freezing. We're going to continue to see some more rain. Pushing.

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