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He was still here from the right. It could have been great. What's crazy about him man is I used to open up from and see ya. And he would have like, he would do four hours of jokes. Literally four hours of material. Yeah. And kill for four hours. I mean, fucking crushed. And then, but he probably, let's say he's stole. He's still like an hour of that. Let's say allegedly, he didn't need to steal the other three fucking hours. Like he could have just done three hours of his material and walked away. I don't know why he had the need to take a right, Greg. Well, you know, I don't think he stole as much as everybody seems to think he stole. I mean, and that's the thing he does do hours and hours and hours of material. So it's like, you didn't steal all of it. So, I mean, you know, I personally think that he got, he got much more of a bum rap than he deserved in terms of all that because again, the big joke that everyone goes back to is a joke that really anybody could have written. And the worst part about that joke is that it wasn't in line with his style at all. He's not the short form Joe Bryant. It was the Cosby, though. If you look at Cosby, he literally did a Cosby bit. That was like an 8 minute bit. And it was like verbatim. It involved drugging and raping women. That was a 42 year bit. It was like a beat by beat by beat. Did he really? That one I'm not aware. If I really was just aware of the whole, you know, who's going to build that wall joke? No, no, but you were like, dude, you took from Cosby. And it was like a bit. That was the one where you were like, all right, and that's the only thing my only knock on him is that, yeah, when he does perform, it's for hours. And it's just like, dude, can you just do like 30 minutes and get off? I used to have to sell t-shirts for him at the end, right? His shirts. And after four hours, the show was sort of ten. It would be 2 o'clock in the morning, and then he made me make me read the jokes from the T-shirt. So I would bomb on his T-shirt joke. It was a long ass joke. It was like, if you're coming here from America, it was like a three minute thing I'm reading. I'm like, dude, come on. How big is that T-shirt? Yeah. It comes on two tablets. All right, so did you guys watch the fights on Saturday? Yes. Nope. Don? Hell, nope. Listen, this week. I'll give you guys a little update. So Marlon Vera beat Rob Font. Great fight. Great fight. They fight from Harlan Vera when poor Rob Font still icing his face somewhere..

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