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You call in. You'll be talking to Tom hush executive producing the big broadcast today as always if you're nice to him. You get to me. That's how it works. You wanna keep in touch via social media, Facebook and Twitter. It's Brian Newnan show. Man, we've got a lot to talk about Ben bradlee is gonna join us momentarily alderman. Ricardo Munoz was arrested today after allegedly striking his wife. I new years eve we'll get the update on that will also find out what is going on the president supposedly meeting with the the Democrats today in the situation room. He has said in advance of the meeting that he is going to hold firm on the five billion dollar number that he wants to fund the wall. So we'll find out if there's been any movement on that Erica Turkey joins us after the three. Thirty news. The former marine who is being held prisoner in Russia. We're trying to get to the bottom of that his family says he was at a wedding the Russian government saying, otherwise or are they will find out about that. Ryan burrow will join us from ABC news of WGN, some sad news coming out of the CPI today. So that's all sad. But then we have some good news. I'm going to give you a chance to win. Some Blackhawks tickets after four thirty we're going the man who wrote the first row L song has now. Violeta, you probably welcome back. First of all, Violeta. Happy new year. We haven't seen you in weeks and weeks. I thought perhaps I don't know you have a wonderful contractor agent must be phenomenal. You've had a lot of time off well-deserved. So welcome back, you it's so nice to be back. Happy new year. It'd be new year to you. So you are familiar with the first row L song as part of the Roe Conn show. I am. It was all over Twitter. Yes. So now the man who wrote that song is going to join us. He has written a new song based on one of the new laws that went into effect in Illinois yesterday regarding. The Dutch reach will explain all of that later in here. He's very talented and a really great story from one of our friends at goose island, beer, a man who has been going through a lot of stuff and turn adversity in to some other things. So that's good. We'll talk to Tom skilling. That's a lot of show. I don't know if we're gonna jam it all in. That's probably why they're giving us fifteen extra minutes tonight, Tom. We're staying until basketball starts, so we'll be here till about seven fifteen seven twenty ish. Whatever it is. We're here. What the heck another couple of minutes. I paid for parking till eight doesn't matter was stick around you. Good. You good to stay. I might cut out the alert. Can I leave at six forty five? Yeah. If you need to whatever manage told me, I have to say extra on my first day. I don't think I technically I don't think you do. I think you're free to go at your normal time, which is what four fifteen when do you live out? No. I don't know when you you. Stay one more rights because you do a six forty five traffic six fifty ish. When rose doing it like six fifty. So whatever we get to you. You'll the, but so then you leave at seven. Yeah. You can you don't have to stay because we won't do another traffic spot before you leave. Well, I'll stay if you want me to say, well, I'm not listen. I love to have you run. I'm not going to. But I'm not I'm not the man, I'm not the boss with his boot on your neck first day back. You can leave on time. I'm not, you know, we're not paying overtime. It still feels a little vacation though. Because traffic is so light today. She this this week is kind of a wash. I was actually shocked to see everybody back here today. Not kim. Because Kim Kim, and I we hold down the holidays. We have. We've me alone. Right. We've kept the thing going at least in the afternoon. We'll Tom's been here for most of it. So we've got to give Tom a little cry the sports desk, we we never know what's going to be happening in the sports desk, alternate cleaning the bathrooms and taking out the trash as well. Yes. Exactly. I brought in all my relatives. I said, hey, you want to see a big time radio facility. Oh, yes. You know? What else we do here? Here's a brush give scrubbing. Well, every you know, all the holiday crew took different parts. But the point was now today, it's weird. Because people are back know, the officers are full I had to go down to the level three of parking the lights are on the lights. It's working. Well, has the heat syfy Doda? Don't laugh, Violeta. There's been you know, they they position the light switches around here at various odd location. So there'd been a lot of times even in the middle of the day. We're working in the dark, but but now most of the regulars are back. So now, you know now everything's up and runs trickling in slowly. But it's like that at every anywhere, you work this week is going to be if he, you know, today, probably most people are back. There might be some people who are able to stretch it out until the end of the week. But for the most part everybody's coming back slowly. Yeah, it's tough because you've been off for what two weeks three weeks. Yeah. It feels like forever. You know? I was like God. Just let those roll over there. Like, yeah. That's not how it works. I'm like, okay. Then just pay me for them. They're like, yeah. That's not how it works. I'm like, I'm gonna take next week off if they're not gonna you know, I I only knew a couple of people who have that option where they can roll their vacation over it used to be. They used to be a thing where everybody do it like when my dad was a principal for CPS. He never used his sick days. And he barely used vacation days. Well, you could keep rolling them over. So when he retired. He got like a year's pay. Yeah. I asked them to roll over there. Like that hasn't happened since the Nixon administration. I'm like, I don't even I don't know what that means. But. Nixon was president. Well, I know that I understand the reference I just kinda did that thing you're saying it's been a long time. We don't do that anymore. You know, enjoy your time off your you might as well take. Yeah. It was. So now, you bet did you do anything exciting for New Year's Eve. You know, I love to follow run all the social media channels. Not in a weird stalker away. It's just not conceded. Wait. Sure. You listen everybody. We all have this need for attention. So did you do anything, except where are you hosting a giant ball on New Year's Eve or is the deal because you seem to be at a venue early? Like you were getting things set up. Yes. I was at a venue. It's my job every year to decorate. My parents my parents throw a big party for New Year's Eve. So they have singers come from Romania, and they do like a big Romanian New Year's Eve. Oh nice. So they always have I'm the decorator. Okay. So I go to party city and get a bunch of decorations, and then I put them up very nice because I was like oh, Violeta. No. Like, she hosted one of those parties. The internet where the kids are get out of there by like five thirty okay, tell them happy new year at six o'clock. I see. For the Romanian new year. No, I use your New Year's used to be like the biggest family event for us, which is kind of a strange event. But yeah, not anymore. Right. Well, we're glad you're back. Happy new year. We'll get to a lot of things. But first we're going to talk to bed Bradley after. Of course, we start the new year off by going to Violeta. And checking the traffic.

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