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In Los Angeles County fire chief Daryl laws be ABC's. Alec stone is in Malibu were specialized planes called super scoopers are part of the battle. What they can do is instead of after dumping fire retardant or water most planes have to go back to an airport and get more. These skim across the top of water in this case, the Pacific Ocean, and they fill up their bellies with more water than they take off off of the ocean. Head back to the fire and dump again and repeatedly do that they're much faster at getting more water than normal helicopter playing at least thirty one people have died in the fires in North Carolina. The search continues for missing thirteen year old Hannah argue are a week after she was kidnapped outside of her home officials giving an update on the case a few moments ago. Our approach approaches that she is alive. We have no indication to indicate otherwise we have no evidence that indicates otherwise Lumberton police chief Michael MC steal the top reward to help. Find Hania has risen to twenty thousand dollars. Stanley the mastermind behind marvel comics has died at the age of ninety five he's known for co creating iconic characters from the incredible hulk Spiderman, which he says he was most proud of my publisher didn't want when I told him the idea. He hated it hated it. Lee says soon after that the comic was flying off the shelves, a family attorney says Lee died in his Los Angeles home this morning at the close on Wall Street, the Dow Jones industrial average is down more than six hundred points more than two percents. You're listening to ABC news. Stay.

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