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At 1, 802 831 and 1.5. You and Steve should hang sometime because you go by ring loser. Bill. Didn't you lose like the second ring? Enough. No, it just had it got cut off that motorcycle. That's what Okay, I'm sorry. That's what it was. You lost it, but not like right. You lost it in a different way, so I still have it. Yeah, I just gotta hold. It just got a hole cut in. It is that is that that's still the ring that you wear. Oh, no kidding, right where they cut it To this day, all the way back from the nineties. Whoa! Alrighty. See, I'm not such a ring loser. I'm them by botched that story. No, I remember the like. Once you said they cut it. I thought like it was ruined that somehow nobody just bent back into shape. Yeah. All right. Who's got a story? Bill and Howell? You're in New Jersey one at 1.5. Hi, guys. All right. Well, my wife gave me a beautiful watch front of ER, Serie Two days later at work. I'm in the bathroom. Take off the watch to wash my hands. And I leave it there. Uh, not two minutes. Go by. I run into the bathroom. It's gone. Of course. So I go through the office. I asked everybody that they find watch Nobody The last person I asked house me. He knows a couple of vendors walking around. Ask them maybe they founded Has I'm going to ask them and they say, you know what if they found it? They kept it. I'm not gonna ask them. I'm going to do something else. I walked up to the vent. I said, Excuse me. Do you know what time it is? The guy pulls out my watch out of his pocket. It's still apply. Oh, my God. You are a genius. And what did you do? I said, Where did you get that? Watch? He doesn't say anything. I grab it out of his hands. And the other guy says to me. You're not going to tell on him. Saw you? I said I should have you both fired But I got my watch back. I'm happy. Goodbye. Wow. The presence of mind What sleep? He pulled to watch out and he pulled my watch out of his pocket. God, you're smart, though. Yeah, well, I was desperate. Yeah, I had to think of something. Did you ever tell your wife you lost it? Did she ever find out? No, but P s a couple of years later, my house gets robbed. They take the watch Think And I think there's then the storm rob my house. Uh, yeah. This was personal for him. Bill. Thanks for your call. I don't know. Why do I love that story so much? Because he outsmarted him. I mean, he really did, though. I don't know how many people would really have thought that through. Just just see if they pull it out because honestly, You're thinking maybe, but you're probably thinking, Nah, that's not going to work. And then it works. That's beautiful. One time a long time ago, when I was in radio and a younger man, I was doing a baseball game. And I went to the press box sat down my stuff and I guess I went to the bathroom or something. When I came back, my ball strike indicator was missing. There's like three other people in the press box. I said, Did anybody take a ball strike indicator that was there? And this kid like 18 year old stands up all sheepish, positive. This parking said Yeah, I did. Whoever says Yeah, I did when you when you steal something, but he did. He gave it back. Yeah. What? What do you do? I mean, like, what can you do? At least he gave it back Did I was just over shocked who owns up to it after they steal something from you Right now, there's like no response for that scenario. Dominic in Glassboro. You're on New Jersey one at 1.5. All right, so My coach. Your fiance has my mother in law's 10th anniversary wedding rings that we're going to use for her wedding ring in her possession. Mhm. It is. December 24th 2020, and we're going over the mother in law's house. So my fiance wants to handle back over the ring to the mother in law and put in the security deposit because it's worth Quite a bit of money. Okay, so in the process We go over to mighty key to pick up the mother in law's car. Laura gets out of the car goes into her mother in law's house, our mother in law's card. Then goes to the mother. Lock up. Now we get to the modern World House we get. There are starts going through a purse, the rings and a little couch. Ground colour and it's gone. She can't find it anywhere. So now the mother in law, myself and Laura are looking everywhere. We ripped the house apart. We ripped the car apart. I was gonna say ripped the car apart, but still nothing. No, nothing left breath colours, her support Nothing. So Laura in a pack goes into my truck, 2018 Silverado. And goes back to my turkey. See, maybe she dropped it on the getting in and out of the car somehow. But on the way for her going there, she didn't have her phone. So on the way of her going there, we find the race. Thank God we find the ring in the dining room. Couches. Brown carpet was brown so we had no way to really see. Uh, finally found it in the carpet was right there, right by your purse, right where we left the war of ourself. Shouldn't look there first, but we definitely Yeah, but we're trying to get in contact with Laura and then bar doesn't.

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