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Year old boy has been arrested and charged with the killing of two people during a third night of protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin, on Tuesday evening on Wednesday that were more marches, but they were mostly peaceful, Police say Jacob Blake, the man shot Sunday and the confrontation with police admitted he had a knife and in fact they found one in his car. Three major league Baseball games were postponed Wednesday. As players across the sports landscape reacted in the wake of the weekend shooting. The MBA postponed all of Wednesday's playoff games. Some teams threatened to boycott them. A leaguewide n BA meeting is scheduled Confirmation that a missing soldier in Texas is dead. We do not need more. Officials at Fort Hood, confirming a body found Tuesday is that of Sergeant Elder Fernandez, The 23 year old last seen August 17th in the city of Colleen. Foul play is not suspected, but an investigation is ongoing. Fernandez reported being a victim of sexual assault in May. Special agent Damon Phelps with Fort Hood Criminal Investigation Command says authorities didn't find evidence backing the claim. The subject of the investigation, Talking passed a polygraph examination. And we found the witnesses that could corroborate certain for certain Fernandez his allegations. Fernandez is the third soldier from Fort Hood to go missing in the past year. The other two found dead earlier this summer. Steve Rappaport Fox News another big college campuses closing down over the Corona virus, North Carolina State University is telling students remaining a dormitories toe move out, acknowledging a rising number of corona virus clusters occurring in both on campus and off campus housing. The announcement comes less than a week after administrators moved all undergraduate classes online 21 Corona virus clusters have been reported since classes began on August 10th with four and residence halls. School's Kobe 19 dashboard reports 111 students in quarantine in University housing and over 1200 Quarantined off campus.

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