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Sit at 46 in chantilly right now 45 in Colombia and downtown D.C. checks in at 47 It's three 41 after years of litigation Fairfax counties asking the Supreme Court to take up a 2018 lawsuit by a student who says the county mishandled her report of sexual assault In a statement the fairfax county school board says it wants the Supreme Court to take up a student's 2018 lawsuit against it Quote the question in this case is only about whether Congress intended America's public schools and the teachers that work in them to be held financially responsible for student on student misconduct that they had no way to foresee and did not cause In 2019 a jury found the anonymous student was sexually assaulted on a school van trip but did not find the district liable under title 9 because it didn't have actual knowledge of the assault The students representation public justice appealed and that court ordered a new trial But the school district wants the justices to decide to create uniformity in the law Megan clarity W TOP news The federal website where Americans can request free COVID tests will start accepting orders Wednesday That website is COVID test dot gov It'll provide tests at no cost including no shipping fee Supplies will be limited to four free tests per home The White House says tests will typically ship within 7 to 12 days through the postal service O Maryland state lawmakers from Montgomery county say they are concerned about operations at the county school system and they were told there's a push to address bus driver teacher and student absences Maryland state delegate Eric Lewis said he's been hearing from former colleagues in the Montgomery county school system In the systems and crisis and we're failing our students in Montgomery county all of us Montgomery county executive Mark elrich told the county delegation to Annapolis The school system needs to take a pause and then the chaos is way too chaotic right now Eldridge said county health department officials are recommending that the school system go to synchronous learning where schools are open but parents who want to keep their kids at home can get instruction from the classroom virtually Elric said the recommendation is being made after ongoing discussions with school officials Kate Ryan wtp news Well back to COVID test Montgomery county residents can now self report the results of their rapid at home COVID tests through an online portal and easily notify county health officials County will use those reports of positive tests to target areas that need help getting through this surge More than 200,000 test kits have been distributed since Monday through the county's 19 public library branches The county is bottle almost 2 million kids and has taken delivery of 750,000 of them so far Well start deciding whether you're going to start off with a bowl of popcorn or a bag of chips it's NFL playoff football time Check in with George next it's three 44.

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