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Remax before and it's one of those deals where they have a they have one of those pod parties that wants to buy that thing and not have to go through real estate they're not going to do that H. willing to make an appraisal they ask for appraisal and he's trying to avoid paying the six percent so what I'm suggesting is I know there's a sentimental value which I think my wife and her sister at there's also a market value so my question is how much do you base an appraisal on it for the sale price out of the of the listings well I mean if I if you know who also part of the box for a minute and just it and put a common sense out on for a second to deal with your question so you know when when looking at the property to to not be emotionally attached to it I would talk all get three different opinions you can get in and you can pay you can pay for an appraisal talk to the praise and get an appraisal and you can have them approach it the the problem with with for an appraisal from a bank standpoint all from a refinance standpoint is that it's based upon the past so in other words an appraisal when I do alone on a property is going to be based on what's the code over the last six months the comparisons that are listed in the appraisal have to be six months old so what that means is what happens if you are in an upswing market with democracy appreciating it two to five percent per month Ole somewhere in between a little bit less but still going up so when you look at it from that standpoint it doesn't take necessarily what that property is but so that's one point yeah you can talk to different realtors and get their point of view what they would list the property what if they were to list it and then there's going to be a price point in between all of that but which that you would sell for now what it doesn't take into account the six percent or whatever that whatever the commission is one of the expenses for selling a home that's not a bad thing because we just talk about multiple office situations all it takes given what given what the property is if you able to market the property and expose the property to the right by a four to a buying pull that says gosh this is the property for me all with two people want to buy the property then there's a little competition and then all of sudden everything goes I mean the price could be a little bit above that per se so it's been proven that probably that are not listed sell for less it's been proven that properties like don't go through the process will also sell for less so high type of just a couple would just coming to a break elected you feedback on that and also have the the guys jump in as well number.

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