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I'm Richard Thomas in a couple of hours president trump will address the nation about the mass shootings in el Paso and date White House correspondent Greg cooks in a statement late yesterday afternoon the president denounced the weekend violence has no place in our country he said mass shootings have been a long running problem in America there's been going on for years in our culture we have to get it stopped ahead of his plan remarks today Mr trump has spoken with the Attorney General the director of the FBI the governors of Texas and Ohio and members of Congress twenty people were killed in the Texas attack nine people died in the Ohio shootings authorities say the twenty one year old suspect in the el Paso Walmart attack may have been motivated by racial hatred el Paso police chief Greg Allen says investigators are working to confirm whether a racist anti immigrant screed posted online shortly before the shooting was written by the suspect we have to attribute that manifesto directly to him the US attorney for the western district of Texas John vanish since the shooting is being treated as a domestic terrorist case this makes it it appears to be designed to intimidate a civilian population to say the least el Paso district attorney high me Esparza says the suspect also will face a state charge of capital murder though he is eligible for the death penalty we will seek the death penalty that report from correspondent Mike Hampton Dayton police shot and killed the twenty four year old gunman who carried out that attack and say that right now they have no motive visuals memorializing the victims have been held both in Dayton and in el Paso on wallstreet this morning stock futures deep in the red right now Dow futures are down about three hundred forty one points S. and P. futures off thirty nine nasdaq futures down one hundred thirty seven points more on these stories a town hall dot com when it comes to your pain many of you might be skeptical.

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