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To this week, sedition of Rick wolf sports edge. I'm your host Rick wolf. You know, every so often, I like to do a little field research regarding the key and timely issues in the world of youth, and amateur sports. And I, I thought we'd do that this morning. Now. We all know that sports for kids today have become extraordinarily complicated and complex. And sometimes it's important to take a moment to reflect on where we are and to that end. I'm always interested in hearing your perspective on what you think is the most pressing issue in the complicated world of sports parenting, and that's that's going to be my question for you this morning. We're going to open the phone lines right away at one eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six to get a sense from you, what you think are the real concerns, the major concerns that confront us today when it comes to the next generation of kids playing sports, but to help you get you illness process. He'll be getting thinking along the right lines. Let me just throw out a bunch of topics for you things that I think about all the time, and then you can call me with your with your thoughts, and your perspectives and opinion. As well. For example, it's a start with the ongoing friction between coaches and parents. Now, of course, this has been a huge issue for number of years now. And the question is, what does this exist? How come there's so much friction between parents particular parents kids, at the high school level, and the high school coaches that kids play for? And what can we finally do you know to put an end to this? There was a time not that long ago there wasn't this kind of this agony antagonist that took place in coaches and parents, and yet, somehow this will become a real mainstay leads to a lot of high school coaches, basically decided to walk away from their profession. Okay. What about the ongoing concerns about concussions, the ever think will find a solution to really how to prevent these things. Now, we'll sports like football and ice, hockey and lacrosse, all the other contact sports ever get to a point where they will lose. His popularity we've always seen as of course with high school football. The numbers are down the last several years, but it's all because of concerns about concussions and the long term implications. How is this the big issue today? It was a few years ago, our concussions, something that we really need to focus on and put a lot of our resources to figure out a way to get around this major medical issue. What about the concerns regarding travel and club teams being not overseeing or regulated by any governmental body? That is mom and dad, you're pretty much on your own. If things aren't working out for your son or daughter when they play in a travel team. I mean, there's really nobody you can complain too, because you paid your money. It's caveat emptor. And that's the way it goes. Again. I've talked about this for years. There's just no governmental oversight of these travel or club teams. They're basically they're just outliers in terms of going out and doing what they want to do out about the alarming problem that we have, and we keep losing more and more refs, and an empire is each year at the high school level. And then according to the latest research, very Manno, the head of NASA, which is the national association of sports officials berries been on my show few several times in the past. The numbers are that something like seventy percent of all new of all new referees umpires. Well, they quit within three years of starting and why well, almost universally the all point to the unrelenting. Verbal abuse that they received from the parents who come to watch the kids games. They come see a spectators seventy percent and the numbers keep dropping more and more each year at the problem is, it's hard to find refs and on Pires who want to basically work these games. They get paid maybe around one hundred dollars per game. But again, it's the abuse they have to endure that makes it so much so difficult to keep doing this now. What about the fact that obviously, you talked to any high school coach or youth coaches, they'll say that it's so hard for them, they have to cope with parental expectations at so many moms and dads for lack of a better term. They have delusions of grandeur, about just how talented their kid is as an athlete. And you talked to any high school coach any athletic director, these days, anywhere in the country, and they'll tell you that's the first and biggest problem, they faced on a daily basis. You know, it's, it's just it's getting the point where, you know, we have to somehow basically, sort of tamped down the expectations of parents have for their children as they play sports, now the last, of course, I want have mentioned. He is. Of course, is a possible in our rush to the Vela par youngsters into superstars that we unfortunately, inadvertently, squeeze the fun and enjoyment out of their games. No just regular day were burnout is now being viewed as it'll Judah, medical term burnout didn't exist really a generation ago, but it does exist today, and it, perhaps, in the world of sports takes place because we're pushing kids too far too fast, and they finally get to be in their teenage years and say enough, I'm walking away from the sport. And of course, we know that in terms of repetitive. Use injuries those numbers continue to climb drastically as well. So let's talk about what you think is the most pressing number one issue in new sports today. One eight seven seven three. Three seven sixty six sixty six of course. Tapas I just threw out there just the proverbial tip of the iceberg. Lots more. So what do you think that start our conversation this morning with, with Gary over in colts neck, New Jersey, Gary, good morning? You're on the fan. A good morning. What a great day wake up every morning. Thank god. I grew up in the early. Seventies, you know played baseball. I have three older brothers. We had such a great childhood, we never talked about. Oh, we gotta go here. Go there, everything today. So scheduled let kids be kids. But honestly, I got three boys in my own coaching, and let me tell you what the worst right is the car ride home. You know, kids don't wanna hear the parents that, why'd you strike out like you. You know what? That kid be kids. They all think a lot of them, I should say, thank their kid is next Derek Jeter, and at the end of the day, you know what we want to teach failure on the field. You know what many going for job interview when they fail? They Cam star, you're not qualified or those kids got a handle the rejection. So that's really my, my biggest thing is, it's okay to fail sports. I don't want them. Get behind the wheel drinking and driving or doing drugs. It's, it's brutal. It's titrate now. We live in think about it. Well, it's Gary you touch on a point. I'm glad you call him. And thank you for checking in the seventy you here and yeah. He's talking about adversity and one of the so-called intangible life lessons that our kids, get from playing sports. I'm glad Gary brought this up is the fact that sometimes you win. Sometimes you lose, but playing sports as a youngster you're going to go through times of adversity. And if you learn how to cope with adversity and confronted an early age that's going to basically pay off down the road because his Gary points out. You know, we live in a world which is competitive. And if you don't know how to come back from a setback. In life. Whether it's job interview or not getting a promotion over might be those roots go all the way back to the lessons. You learned when you were a kid playing playing sport. And again, those are vital life lessons that our kids take away from sports and sometimes he's not painful, because everybody wants to be a starter or be, you know, have a great day in sometimes these things don't work out. But those are the kind of things that we make sure our kids understand, and cope with moms, and dads as Gary said, don't don't don't do not make them a stake giving that kid a post game analysis a PGA and the way home on the car. But the kids, just sit there. And just you know get to the game. They had a bad game. Let them talk about it. Ask them if what they thought they did, well was they thought that perhaps, they might be able to work on them the rector conversation if they don't wanna talk. That's fine that this let it go simple as that that's move on. Let's go to let's go. Brendan over in flushing queens. Hey, brandon. Good morning. You're on the fan. Another issue with the with what's wrong with you supposed to Asia. Spend a lot of money on. Fish? Because it does affect the kid sixty fficials and it's a big difference when you game a fifty thousand people in just hitting bones grown, and also when he. Feet in front of you screaming at the official scurrying out now we are learning the game. But when you get a parent, who was, I'm sorry you should be refereeing like international free at the World Cup for under ten year old game. I mean mistakes are going to happen as officials, we do make mistakes, but that does not give the right to, to have the parent. A nationwide. Let me stop you there. And I thank you for bringing this up and appreciate the call. But the fact is, he is absolutely correct. Let me just make this clear to you. If you're not familiar with the culture of going to a kids game, it is, you know, the idea that you can go and verbally abuse, the referee, the official the empire because somehow somewhere, you think you as a parent as a spectator you're entitled to do that. You are wrong. You were flat out wrong. You're out of control that is wrong. Now, of course in this day and age. If you go to a major league game and people are in the stands, they figure well, I spent a fortune for this ticket, and therefore, I'm entitled to gnarly scream, and yell and boo. And use us profanity's. That's not good either. That's just all wrong. Again, those a time in this country. I remember back in the day, people used to go to games at Yankee Stadium. Were they were suits that were jackets and ties everybody? That's the way I was going to a very special place to watch a ball game. But in this day and age we've lost all that Doni right now. You do not go to a game and scream and yell at a referendum Pires. Somehow, you feel you the right to do that. No, you don't have an empire referee decides to stop the game in Jek you for for verbal abuse. He is the right to do that. So, again, this make sure we're on the same page. It is a huge concern as I mentioned, the number of referees. Umpires officials are dropping off and drastic numbers. All right. Let me let me take a time out here..

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