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Visit amac dot US. Amac dot US. I found thought I'm wrapping up a writing the United States Trump. How the president really sees America finish this week the complicated process to get a book out you have to obviously write the book, and then it goes into production and editing and making sure that all tight bows. And all that. And we put pictures in. We lay it out we've been to cover all of that hard hardest book I've ever had. I wrote this alone, right because I know him and I had to write it alone. But not only diorite at I had a report it because the research that came to me Lewis bogus. Not true. So I had a goal on inauguration night. I had a go. On lection night. I had to speak to the people were there. I had to do all that. And I couldn't talk primarily to people who had, you know, a reason or an agenda and it go for bystanders. No anonymous sources I got a lot of stuff I can't use because people won't put their name on it. I'm not gonna put it in. So United States Trump right now September twenty fourth is a release date ACA change, again, we gotta send tons hundreds of thousands of books out. And we'll keep you posted on that. But it's a big relief. It's a really good book. And you'll learn something on every page view care about who Donald Trump really is. And how we got there. This is a book for you. Not a pro Trump book, not an anti-trump book history book. Hallelujah. I'm finished with it. We'll see you tomorrow..

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