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All right what is may soon ireland bans back i'm here to my next vacation which could come at any moment any moment john right to you asked me about kelly janssen's comments he said what we basically came out and blame the fans for justin turner and a alex would not be on the all star team alex wood you couldn't vote for correct yeah so but he was asked about it he said i it also eating be kinda doubled down at he said alsayed again this is one hundred percent the dodger fans fault right all right so here's how it looked at that he's not totally wrong the dodger fans could have voted more but you know the game seventy percent city can't see the game so it's of out of sight outta mind a little bit but most of all nolan aeronautical is a really really good third baseman yeah i mean you could make the argument that he deserves to start as you pointed out alex wood is not chosen by the fans matter of fact there are thirty two spots on the national league allstar team eight the position players the starters are chosen by the fence so that leaves twenty four spots four other you know for either mlb or the players to vote people in right my argument will be what was mlb and the players thinking here's one guy at the time was eight no who had a nice teno yet with a one point six era i mean that's just you put up those numbers in your in and justin turner was it in three eighty four and integrated actually went through the roster and said will every team representative so there were three or four guys vietnam but there were five or six people that just turn should have been put in ahead of yep and there were all there were probably seven pitchers that he could have that alex wood could have done it it's all going to work at i think today at three o'clock they're going to announce turner that when they voted in yet and i think as soon as dave roberts said last night the clinton kertih as pitching for the dodgers on sunday making him ineligible to pitch in the allstar game i think alex wood we'll get his spot.

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