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Open line this is Pat Prescott, for open line I have to special guests with me in the studio today to. Talk about the seventh annual back to school event Saturday August fourth from eleven AM to two PM at El Camino college in the MARCY auditorium we'll give you more information about the event but first, let me welcome Cassie Sutton who is executive. Director, of surf what. Stands for sensory integration education and research foundation welcome back to the wave, Kathy is good to. See you thank you Pat thank you for. Having me here and I'm so glad to be back to talk, about this wonderful event and yes you brought, a very special guest to of course this is. His first year hosting with us and I am so pleased. That he, decided to join me on this wonderful venture we. Are as. Well. And he. Is the honorable mayor James t butts junior of Inglewood and I've I've. Been to this event. On numerous occasions have hosted it unfortunately. Won't be able to be there. This year Year but I can, tell, you this is. Something that you are going. To enjoy so much because of. The difference, that. It makes them the lives of, the people who participate how did Cathy talk you into being involved in. This annual, back to school events basically she just, called and, said hey we need you we want you, to come and just like I said it's just a thrill because we do a. Lot of things for, children in the city of Inglewood. We had a vision to learn. And we, got eyeglasses to Steve bomber they owner the clippers for every, student in the district that needed eyeglasses last year Charge wow so this is. Just another opportunity to do for our children, while at this, event all of the young people who are involved are going to get. Some incredible gifts they there's going to be great entertainment food what made you come up with this. Idea Kathy and tell us about the seven years you've been doing I started what happened the organization saw, the news and everything going on about Katrina so three weeks after the hurricane I went down to New Orleans and we gave a back to school giveaway up in Baton. Rouge and the people New Orleans said well we need one here and so I? Started, doing one in New Orleans, and, then when I. Came to Los Angeles they was like wait a minute, you're going to do when there we need one here so it started at that point and I. Have not been able to stop from that point on so what are. Some of the things be included in the backpacks will be giving away this year Well you know we have to thank Sam's Club. Because they are going, to be packing these bags with school supplies for the kids and we have to also, think WalMart for their participation as well. Because they're donating all these bikes for the join prices so we have a line of goodies for the? Kids uh so we're. Going to have a barber's their career masters is going to. Be cutting hair for the kids, so they can make sure they have a fresh haircut and so her very important for that first day school be there we're also, going, to have jasmine Irving, there from grab the ball and grab a ball. In play and she's going to be given, away falls basketball, soccer balls footballs all kind of boss and is just so many people. That are involved we also have Macy the magician which is always welcome every know every time he. Comes the kids adore him and also we have we're gonna have a snow call machine out there Between nine thirty and ten thirty because I realized people wind up early so we're going to. Give him snow cones because it's hot out there and..

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