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And a beautiful good evening to get different colorado no i'm not cory lopez this is the voice of justin adams filling in for cory lopez he has the night off tonight first of all thank you so much for joining us on prime time sports hopefully got home safely know that it was rainy and in all over the place it was ridiculous for earlier this afternoon but a class to have you here with us as we get the show started i have a question for you just a simple question let's get right into the show it is pretty much this on july twenty eighth the broncos will take their first snaps in training camp at uc health training center case keenum will come out and he'll be a guy who was starts barks of signals and the broncos will start to get ready for the two thousand eighteen season but by that time will the colorado rockies be buyers or will they be sellers and what happened last week or this week rather you can just see how this team has blossom literally the rockies last wednesday were thirty eight and forty two eight games back of the national league west division and it was really easy for iraqis fair to say this thing was over done they lost four games in a row loss on a walk off home run against the san francisco giants and nothing was going well john gray just lost the game before you got sent down to the minors and this is well before brian shaw was down in the miners as well because he gave up a couple of home runs and let's be honest to say he's been struggling this year has been an understatement then this past week happened and things changed dramatically in a span of the week the rockies have gone six and one in their last seven games and of also gained four games in the national league west division and not sitting four games back and four and a half games back in the wild card but the question does still have to be asked of the rockies going to be buyers or are they going to be sellers but you have to start off what happened this past weekend i mean tyler anderson had a great game as the rockies would wanted nothing guinea their second sweep of the season as they beat the san francisco giants at the one thing that i see what tyler anderson that to be honest the last two starts he's been amazing the last seventeen eighteen c has given up run he's just getting that cutter together and for those who don't know what a cutter is is literally that it cuts right into the right handers a he's a lefty and it's hard to hit and you know what for tyler anderson the biggest thing that he said was that look if i just throw strikes and not worry about with the ball is f i just palled that strike zone then everything else will work out every time i had temple pence behind this those strikes yeah and it's very important data tyler inner cities pitchy well as well because you also have another guy colin freeland who's doing great as well it's just the way that the rockies have played scintilla he comes out for his i started the year and he pitches a scoreless cave as well as seven innings pitched the rockies only gave up three runs in a series against the san francisco giants at home that doesn't happen any time and nola aeronautics really excited about this team's progress well right now will we haven't played very big series win going into an off day which.

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