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Gonna do what it's about time as much as anything it was stafford's turn now before that it was car before that it was andrew love before that it was joe flaco a couple of want that it was he lie covered up its rogers and may be drew brees matt ryan and ryan kirk cousin so the timing element is paramount we understand that so but i just don't see matthews stafford as the mouth of the difference maker not that i wouldn't do it yes i would do it but there's this inner resignation i understand that intellectually i get it if i ran the lions i'll do the same thing up but that doesn't mean that i wake up every morning if i on the line saying boy we got the guy to witness a super because i'm not so sure that they do so much of this is relative though right you think about where the lions have been a what's the wall one person who who is the one person that you can count on other than those early years when he kept getting those shoulder injuries yet you missed a bunch of games early abut who's been the consistent player for this team yearinyearout last year begueturon true retire yeah here yeah he right that axes the ads there but nava consume what are your miami's now he's not there for the argue but right now by a tried out but it's been it's been stafford i mean last year's 26 and tin enter said touchdown intercept ratio 65 percent complete percentage forty three hundred yards mean the numbers were there right there they say you should be paid in a way that moons it's you know amongst the best in this case the best and the national football league but at some point you get to that that area of thinking about the quarterbacks because quarterbacks just like coaches carry postseason success more than they do the regular season stuff like that i was.

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