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Tweet from President Trump Wools news time. 5 34 W. L S news is sponsored in part by cars. Four kids checking traffic. The Eaton's is fine on the in bound side outbound. There are delays. Just before Nyle Center with an accident. Kennedy inbound from O'Hare, 30 for outbound on the Kennedy. It's 23 out to the airport. On the Eisenhower inbound. It's 38 minutes, Thorndale to the post office. Outbound 32 Go going back out with a crash Outbound at Austin Stevenson in from 3, 55 28 out of 31 Dan Ryan and from 95th 14. Outbound is a 20 minute trip. And in the south suburbs. We've got big problems on route 3 94 jammed from Glenwood Dire road to US 30, where there's a rescue and recovery. In progress. A possible plane crash again. That's route 3 94 at US 30. It's unconfirmed that there is a plane crash. But that is the preliminary report will give you more when it becomes available South bound on the tristate approaching the Bensenville Bridge. There's a disabled vehicle. Walking the right lane that is traffic from the wools and made 90 traffic center Friday. October 30th is the biggest hiring day of the year. You can land one of thousands of jobs at UPS reserve your spot today R S V P. An application are required to participate. Visit. Ups jobs dot com slash brown Friday That's ups jobs dot com slash brown Friday. I'm John Dempsey 8 90 Wools news. Hey, Demps, Tom, and see the light just texted While your traffic was hitting. You said you have South bound 3 94 the westbound. Around. 30 closed north bound 3 94 traffic forced off to eastbound route 30. Did he say he saw a plane? Nobody says there's tons. There are more Cook County Sheriff's Squad's on that rampant in the Dunkin Donuts parking lot. That's Tom. Consider, like OK,.

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