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Concern is I'm not sure how much healing well for until we finish the twenty thing also I'm Michael Toscano in your next update at the bottom of the hour when it breaks in the meantime a bay area internet company has cut ties with the hate side allegedly used by the shooter in el Paso San Francisco based internet provider cloud flare has terminated its relationship with the hate message board HM on which both the Christchurch New Zealand and the el Paso mass shooters posted so called manifestos before their attacks C. E. O. Matthew prince says two years ago his company down to the neo **** site the daily stormer but it did very little as the site re emerged online with another provider he expects the same will happen for eight chan prince as well eight chan and the daily stormer on no longer his problems they are still the internet's problems Jim Roop Los Angeles commemorative plaque is expected to be installed near the location where journalists Chauncey Bailey was shot and killed a dozen years ago open city councilwoman Lynn at Gibson mac Laney says the plaque will be installed on Bailey's birthday October twentieth this year on a fourteenth street sidewalk not far from the post office in downtown Oakland the fifty seven year old Bailey was an editor for the Oakland post at the time of his death prosecutors say former your black Muslim bakery leader Yousef bay order Bailey's murder to prevent him from writing an article about the bakeries financial problems in child molestation charges as father was facing we're following a major upgrade plan at the ferry terminal in San Francisco that services Alcatraz while it could mean some disruptions to service officials say the thirty four million dollar renovation to pier thirty one and thirty three will be well worth it after nearly a decade plan has been approved to renovate and expand capacity it appears we're nearly two million people border fared Alcatraz each year city officials of the plans include making the peers our own tourist destination that will eventually include an historical exhibition area shoreline plaza any dining options and canopies will be added to replace the ones a partially blocked bay views there also be space for some of us like concerts and for another ferry that will bring people other federal site easiest Terry Ross reports construction could start as early as the end of the year and is expected to last until the year twenty twenty three bart is moving in the direction of eliminating the use of paper tickets starting today it opens nineteen street station you can only buy a clipper card to catch a ride on trains part of a pilot program that will go into effect at three other stations during the next couple of months Anna Duckworth is with Barton tells KGO you can buy a clipper card anonymously unless you want to take advantage of discounts that are offered if you want to register and get that youth and senior and people with disabilities discount then yes you do need to tie it to your ID and your debit or credit but not if you just want to come to a station in and buy it you can catch up totally doable she says they will evaluate how the pilot program has gone to make any changes with the idea that the clipper card will be you system wide starting next year we're gonna update your drive with mark me at in just a moment he's got some delays on six eighteen East Bay next.

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