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The other things pitcher will be required to step off the rubber for pickoff attempts. A batter will be allowed one foul to strike bunt before a strikeout is called and lastly played umpires will define check swings more favorably for a better so all of these changes. I suppose seem of a piece they all seem intended to make the game more dynamic to get guys running to decrease strikeouts. I guess just more on Bass events more excitement and I continue to think that there may be just doing too many things at once this so many things that it will be hard to it's hard to keep track of all the things be. It's hard to assess the impact of any one of them. See It's getting to the point now where it must be pretty overwhelming or these players as I mean let's be on it. God Love It. We're probably going to come out in favor of it on this podcast but that stealing first base thing is stupid. That's like I'm not saying it's not gonNa work but like imagine going in and telling the players now you can do this yeah i. What are we doing yeah? We're going to have to have an authentic leaguer on the show just to talk about what they think of this because it must be jarring some of it's not even I mean you play the game for or your whole life under certain rules and now they're changing so many of them out once especially something like a pitcher will be required to step up the rubber for pickoff attempts all of a sudden. That's like that's muscle memory. That's like deeply ingrained probably right. That's gotta be a hard thing to just suddenly say okay. This is what you do now so I don't know if they're going to suspend ball calls until people get used to this or what but anyway it seems a little overwhelming but but I am interested in all of these rule changes and and I I've seen backlash to wire they tampering with baseball baseball's perfect et CETERA. This is making a mockery of the game. This isn't baseball anymore. People seem upset about this. At least some people and I'm not upset about it. I like it. I love that the Atlantic League is being used. Is this laboratory..

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