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Coming up on the next episode of drafted hourly here like. Here's an zero the draft tomorrow. But i mean cited excited nervous anxious really. I didn't sleep at all last night from better. He's not both what they is. She's not better than definitely surreal moment. Silence play out. Drafted is a production of three four media. Klutch sports group and iheartradio. The executive producers are kelli garner. Lisa amerman eric. Salat sean to tone. L. key and me keegan michael key. The series is produced and written by eric winer. Jared brom are coordinating producer. Tom monahan is our senior audio engineer. Mixed and edited by steven johnson additional production. Help from tim shower. June rosen and haley mandelbaum for transcripts if the show and more information on drafted go to tr fort dot. Fm and for more podcasts from iheartradio visit the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to your favorite shows make your holidays better by giving the gift of black rifle coffee black rifle. Coffee company is a veteran owned company. Serving premium coffee to people love america this year alone. Black rifle. Coffee donated more than a million cups of coffee to active duty troops. First responders medical workers and wildland firefighters. Make your holidays better. Go to black rifle. Coffee dot com today and save fifteen percent when you shop black rifle. Coffee custom bundles. Or they're all new gifted coffee and digital gift cards happy holidays from black rifle coffee. A lot has changed but doing what's needed is what the ford motor company has done for. Over a century ford will face any problems with integrity amphitheater and the strength to outlast them. We can't say what comes next before it will always put it to do the right thing and to build for who and what matter most community ford would like to thank all essential workers and first responders for their continued commitment and dedication. It's because you continue to show up. That ford shows up built for america built ford proud..

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