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To report them and hopefully at some point in time summer this i someone may very well stick i have my doubts but hopefully at some point in time there will be a cadre if you will or a section a crosssection a percentage of the democratic population dow will come to the understanding that you are being lied to i hate it and one of the reasons that i am so adamant about this is because in doing the research for the book i discovered one falsehood after the other after the other after the other that has been perpetrated only american public and reported in taught time and time and time again and repeated so often then eventually apparently some folks would hope that up with stick such as you know betsy rawls sowing the first fly together never happen she was a seamstress but it never happened years in the movie uh saving private ryan yes okay you know the opening seena private ryan where the general his play by um has now reads a ladder from a woman by the name of lydia a bixby mckay and the fact that abraham lincoln writes a ladder to lydia bixby because five of her son serbian emin union army have been killed in battle and he uses that ladder as justification to extract paul ryan despite the fact that many americans again it's a it's a fictitious movie but the water was real oh and this is something else recovering the book by in the movie were saving private ryan using the justification of the lincoln letter which was in fact true to this woman lydia bixby who lost five sons during the civil war problem is to if not three of those signs are known to have survived the war one of them is known to have deserted the union army another one is known to have defected to the confederacy the third it was reported was seen as late as eighteen 71 two of the son's didn't fact die in battle but when lydia bixby received a letter from abraham lincoln she tore it to shreds because she was a confederate sympathizer who hated lincoln's guts she was also a malcontent and was accused of several different misdemeanor crimes during her lifetime but the thing gets reported over and over and over again as this charming little letter from abraham lincoln in support.

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