Jesse Jackson, CEO, Joe Biden discussed on Larry Elder


Have a sex change operation to run for Senate. She has more money than you have. I said, I'll give you that. A great deal of money when she was a CEO of Hewlett Packard and got a great deal of money when she left. I can't match that. The third reason is She has higher name recognition than you do. I know she does it. She may have hired name recognition in the halls of DC out here because she was CEO of HP but are in California. I know she doesn't Furthermore, I know what my neighbor condition isn't in California at the time. And a buddy of mine circulated something at his expense to find out what my name recognition was. And at that time my name recognition in California, meaning the number of people in California knew who I am. 35% At that same juncture. Marty Bach's his first two opponents for Senate, Bruce Hershenson and Matt Fong had a 5% name recognition with seven times further ahead than our first two opponents, And they steal with Harley with Carly Fiorina, who lost by 10 points. Now, Carly Fiorina once even talked about how she was. So impressed because the Reverend Jesse Jackson come by her office and went to visit her The Reverend Jesse Jackson. And I went, I'm not sure about this person anyway. She's now decided that Trump has lost support because he failed to leave and therefore you throwing their support behind. Joe Biden. Well, I clearly agree. It's why I said it. And I think Democrats have so much respect for the Reverend Jesse Jackson. Be very careful. Look, let me be very clear. I voted for President Trump and came to my office. We had a private meeting. It was just the Myself in the Reverend Jesse Jackson. We even prayed together 2016. He has lost my support because I think he has failed to lead when he's failed to lead the country needed leadership, by the way the poles on Corona virus or improving for the president, as well. They're increasingly impressed by his wait for it. Leadership. I am therefore voting for Joe Biden. It is a binary choice. Our presidential elect. Ah, I got two things to say. Who cares? Kellyanne Conway spoke last night. A woman in a leadership role can still see novel Not so for President Trump For decades, he has elevated women to senior positions in business and in government. He.

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