Nick Wright on Kevin Durant throwing shade at LeBron, talks paying Dak Prescott and more


Wanna go to Nick ride on this. Kevin Durant for the second time in two weeks has taken a shot at LeBron James called him toxic plan with LeBron's toxic. And then yesterday mentioned all these great players all time and put kyri in and not LeBron. So Nick, right. First things first, we the cower global satellite network. Let's talk about that. I mean, what what did you make Durand comment? I don't think they're a coincidence. Neck. I think he I think he is deeply bothered that he moved to Golden State won a bunch of titles and people still don't put them above. Lebron? That's my take. There is obviously indefinitely some insecurity factor. As far as what more do you want me to do? I I wanted to finals I won the finals with jump shot a jump shot over LeBron. I won the finals the next year with a jump shot in the exact same place. But as you just said, just objectively speaking, he's not better people who know basketball. No, he's not better. But I also think listening saying Kobe's one of the two greatest players of all time isn't absurdity Kobi's as great as he was not one of the two best players of his era. That's LeBron and Dunkin, but that's neither here nor there but about a year ago. Kevin Durant on one of his many podcasts. Bill Simmons talked about the different way that he and LeBron go about their off-season preparation, and he said something I thought was really telling he said LeBron works on his body. I work on my game. As if he didn't see that. Lebron? Was working on his body in order to prolong how long he can play the game. Because the guys seem mentioned are guys that I understand like whether it's footwork worrying Kyrie's case raw dribbling skill or touch on a jump shot. They all might have something on LeBron will the bronze got on. Everybody is the body. He's put together which has allowed him to not only get to the rim. But to be on injured. I don't think that's something from a basketball perspective Durant, fully respects. Yeah. Because it is obviously the opposite of what he has Durant has made the most anyone could ever make with a muscle massive around what I have which is remarkable feat. But it is not comparable to what we see for most other NBA stars. By the way, there's a rumor today colline Kevin Durant to the clippers again, I'll believe Durant's gonna leave. I don't think he has the guts to leave Golden State because he would get crushed. And if he goes to LA and LeBron gets Anthony Davis and he's on the second best team in LA. It's a bad look for him. I don't buy this move. Do you buy it? Are. So I do think I disagree with you. I think Kevin Durant is going to leave. I think he not only has the guts sleeve. I think leaving could it be the only thing to enhance his standing in the league. But the only thing if he leaves he I believe he can't do or would be crazy to do is injuring to another situation where we don't know who the best player is that. So that means he he's already in one of only a handful of situations. He could be in. We're at teammate is arguably better in Steph. So we can't go to the Lakers. And that also means he can't team up with Kawai Jaanus, Anthony Davis LeBron. That's it. So if if it's about winning championships, obviously should stay in Golden State.

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