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Second. Philip rivers capped a seventy five yard drive with three yard scoring pass to Mike Williams now filed that name away you're gonna need it later. The chiefs came out after halftime March seventy four yards downfield for another TD Damian Williams two yard run made at twenty one seven but the chargers followed suit with a seventy six yard drive. Mike Williams ran it in the last nineteen yards to make it a seven point game. Another Casey drives seventy three yards opening up the fourth quarter, Damian Williams punched it in for a twenty eight fourteen lead Los Angeles had the answer. Seventy five yard drive just in Jackson's three yard run made it twenty eight twenty one with less than four minutes to play. The defense got a big stop and rivers. Drove the bolts sixty yards finally hitting Mike Williams right along the sideline for a touchdown after a video replay. It was twenty eight twenty seven four seconds left. They decide to go for two rivers dropped back and found Mike Williams wide open in the end zone. How did he get that? Open. Two point conversion wins the game both teams now eleven and three the chiefs all the tiebreaker for the division title in the home field in the playoffs. And the chargers say we're in the playoffs for the first time since two thousand thirteen have your own field. Big weekend coming up in football Sunday night game eagles and Rams Nick foles will start for Carson Wentz. Who's got back problems? Maybe a fractured vertebra that needs rest. So we'll see but that worked out, okay? For the eagles last year because polls took them to the Super Bowl. Monday night. Football is the saints in the Panthers in the NBA the rockets roared past the Lakers, one twenty six one eleven James harden, fifty point triple double night, ten rebounds, and eleven assists. I think he's got a future. Spurs bank. The clippers won twenty five to eighty seven. San Antonio with seven players in double figures. Lamarcus Aldridge had twenty-seven magic over the bulls. Ninety seven ninety one twenty-six for Nikolov was civic and the Suns burn the Mavericks ninety nine eighty nine TJ worn with thirty as Phoenix snaps. A ten game slide NHL Thursday lightning lit up the Maple Leafs. Four one breaking open a tie game with a three-goal second period Andrei vasilevskiy made forty eight. Eight saves in his first game back from a broken left foot. Tying the franchise record doesn't like easing your way back into action. Right. Tampa Bay fifty one points this season. Nobody else in the NHL has more than forty three blue jackets buzzed the kings, four to one predators connects four three in overtime jets the past the Oilers five four not Canadians chased the hurricane six four wild with the Panthers. Five one sabre skewered the coyotes three to one and the sharks and the stars three to two college football FCS playoffs tonight semi finals, South Dakota state and North Dakota state tomorrow, Maine and eastern Washington, then we've got five bowl games for the division. One schools on Saturday in Orlando, Albuquerque, Las Vegas, Montgomery and New Orleans. Check your local listings college basketball, number sixteen Wisconsin, sidestep savannah state one zero one to sixty baseball winter meetings in Las Vegas wrapped up yesterday with the rule five draft. Always popular Orioles had the first pick. They chose shortstop Ricci Martin from the as who had three hundred and double a ball last year. So now he'll be able to live LA Vida loca Ricky Martin that was. Expected. But then came a big surprise a three way trade of sluggers. The Mariners get Edwin Encarnacion from the Indians who reacquire first baseman Carlos Santana. Cleveland also got young first baseman Jake Bowers from the raise you picked up a couple of prospects. There was money involved in all like that. That's eleven players that Seattle has traded since the end of the season, including Santana who was just picked up from the Philly's last month that was busy. That's Friday sports. All right. Seven till. Vexed on America in the morning, new rock and Roll Hall of fame inductees after these messages. How fast can a career or business be ruined at the speed of internet. All it takes is a quick internet. Search showing older inaccurate results about you. And there goes your next great career opportunity for your next customer. 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